Doing Couple Stuff as a Single Gal

Why you don't need to be in a relationship to tackle the big goals in life
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Doing Couple Stuff as a Single Gal

Why you don’t need to be in a relationship to tackle the big goals in life

-Heidi Isern

Single gal

I used to think that I would marry a man named Fabio. With my devoted Fabio, I would purchase a house on the Italian Riviera, raise beautiful bilingual children and take whirlwind vacations worthy of magazine write-ups. However, as I plan to spend yet another weekend in my small rent-controlled apartment, I wonder if I should really wait for this mythical Fabio before I start living my dream life.

I don’t want to be among the many women who once felt that major life milestones are only reached when in a married or “nearly married” relationship. Exotic beach vacations, home ownership, even getting a dog, are too often considered couple activities and not designed for the swinging single lifestyle.

I don’t want to sit around and wait for Mr. Right or Mr. Good Enough any longer to start taking action on my life goals. After all, aren’t we the only ones responsible for shaping our future?

My friend Mazz agrees. She decided that we should go on whatever vacations we wanted to regardless of our relationship status. While our friend Alexis started to plan a romantic vacation with her new beau to Rio de Janeiro, Mazz looked at singles resorts along nearby Brazilian beaches. She assured me that single travel to romantic destinations has its perks. In Brazil, one very important one is being free to meet sexy Brazilian men.

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0 thoughts on “Doing Couple Stuff as a Single Gal

  1. this is so fantastic. i think it is really important to consider the kind of life you want to lead, whether or not there is someone else in it. you may meet someone, or not – but being single shouldn’t mean watching life pass you by. good for you, and good luck with your new home!

  2. This is terrible advice. Every woman needs a husband to take care of her and taking care of a man is part of your calling. The only reason you find it so difficult to find husbands relative to your mothers’ and grandmothers’ experiences is the sexual revolution. My advice: find any honest, kind, hard working man willing to marry you and say ‘I do’ as soon as possible. It might have to be some poor fat blob, I don’t know. Do “Settle.” Everyone telling you to “go girl” is leading you to loneliness and lameness. I’m telling you the unvarnished truth.

  3. Katienj that must be the stupidest shit I have EVER heard. “Taking care of a man is part of your calling” HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA who says stuff like that? Having a husband or a man is NOT necessary and every woman is extremely capable of taking care themself. If a woman finds a man she wants to marry than great! But you should never settle. What decade are you from!??

  4. Katienj, I don’t think it is fair to say something like that. There are plenty of women who “settle” like you say, and end up in terribly unhappy relationships, where despite officially having men by their sides, they feel very alone. All women should trust their hearts, and if a woman has not found a man she truly believes she can lead a happy life with, there’s no reason for her to get married. Do single women (or men, for that matter) get lonely? Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that they should marry the first people to come along, as that can just lead to more unhappiness. Not to mention that most people have plenty of things that make them happy beyond being in a good relationship – it’s not impossible to be happy if you are single. If a man – or a marriage – makes you happy, Katienj, good for you! Hopefully you have what you want. But that isn’t necessarily the case for everyone, and it isn’t fair of you to assume that it is, and tell everyone else that they are wrong.

  5. I always encourage my single girlfriends to go to places that interest them, even if on their own. I know when I was single, I loved going to the ballet, movies, museums, etc. all on my own. It gave me a chance to expand my personal horizons and to meet people I normally would never have met or spoken with and some really nice guys (like my now hubby) are intimidated by the “wing-girls”.

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