Donald Trump Calls Ivanka's Stalker a "Really Sick Guy”

He says he and his family are "handling” the crisis.

Donald Trump Calls Ivanka’s Stalker a “Really Sick Guy”

He says he and his family are “handling” the crisis.

-Jane Farrell

Donald Trump with daughter Ivanka Trump

Real-estate mogul Donald Trump said the notes his daughter got from a stalker were “really terrible and at the worst level.”

Appearing at a charity gala Monday night, the Celebrity Apprentice chief said that stalker Justin Massler has “really big problems,” adding that the “police said they’ve never seen anything quite as bad” as the notes Massler wrote.

The 27-year-old Massler, a prep school dropout, was arrested in Nevada on a New York warrant. A judge ordered him last week to stay away from Ivanka and the Trumps; he is now free on $10,000 bail. But he said in an email that he still plans to “win her over. ” He told the New York Daily News that he plans to do this by becoming “like, a big-time millionaire.”

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Ivanka’s older brother, Donald Jr., told People magazine that the episode had made him fear for his family’s safety. “I have a young family and, you know, I’m not so worried perhaps for myself but clearly for them,” he said. “When you see what I saw and you hear what I see and you read what I read, it is a little disturbing.”

He said that Ivanka “is doing as well as can be expected.”

The elder Trump, clearly concerned, said that Massler is “a really sick guy..So, we’re handling it!” (People, New York Daily News)

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  1. Normally pity and Trump are not in the same sentence, unless you are talking about Donald’s hair… but that poor woman must have been terrified, and what judge let him out on bail with a weekly psychiatric visit? If it was happening to the judges daughter I doubt this loon would be walking free. Interesting but scary story.

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