Don't Call Me "Mom!”

I'm not your mother.
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Don’t Call Me “Mom!”

I’m not your mother.

-April Daniels Hussar

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0 thoughts on “Don't Call Me "Mom!”

  1. A photographer’s insight: Whenever I call a “model”‘s mother ‘mom’, its to get the child involved… like “Shall we get Mom to blow some bubbles” or that sort of thing 😀 But still, I totally get what you mean, my boss at the studio says “mom” in the context you mentioned all the time and I’ve often wondered if these women find it uncomfortable…but he’s been doing this for 11 years so I dont question it..

    Personally, I dont think I’d mind being called “mom” in a photography shoot… I dont hold a lot of titles, and “mom” is my proudest one and I like being acknowledged as such, I dont see those people talking to me like they’re my child or anything like that, but a mother’s job in a photoshoot with a child is little more that just “mom” and so maybe memorizing or using the name isnt that important..

  2. I agree! I was just thinking about how one of my friends has started calling everyone she knows “hunn” or “babe” and I got supremely irritated. How do I know she’s referring to me and not one of the other numerous people we talk to? If someone calls out “Hey, Hunn!” they might as well call out “Hey, YOU!” I prefer my name and dislike being made generic. Nicknames and petnames are all fine and wonderful as long as they are sincere and unique to a person.

  3. Get over yourself. Obviously you are much more than “Mom” – but no one really cares except your family and friends. A photographer is there to take photos of your daughter, not to get to know YOU. Jeesh.

  4. Although I wouldn’t have said it so harshly, I second JanFan2. I see the word “Mom” as a title, not a name. My children call me Mom out of respect for who I am to them, not because it’s my actual name. And as lovely and heart-melting as it is to hear it uttered from the pudgy baby lips of our own children, a title is all that it really is. To expect anyone to look at me and see me as more than a mother, when that person would otherwise have no other contact with me except that they are dealing with my child, is ridiculous. My sons’ pediatrician is a mother, and a daughter, a wife, a professional, and possibly a sister. But, all I know her as, is a doctor. So, I address her as such. It has nothing to do with my being hip, but rather to do with using a correct title.

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