Don't Pity Sandra Bullock!

We love you, girlfriend! You're too good for pity.

Don’t Pity Sandra Bullock!

We love you, girlfriend! You’re too good for pity.

-April Daniels Hussar

Sandra Bullock

Dear Sandra Bullock,

We haven’t met, and chances are we never will. But, on behalf of my fellow Bettys, I just wanted to say … WE LOVE YOU. This has probably been one of the crappiest weeks of your life. You should be basking in the glow of your Oscar win, jetting across the pond to show up and look stunning as always at the UK premiere of The Blind Side, and enjoying the fruits of your years of hard work with your family. Instead, you’ve been dealt a metaphorical kick to the gut, what by all accounts must be a terrible heartbreak. You’re faced with photos of that woman splashed over every website, newspaper, tabloid and TV station, along with all the speculation about your husband’s betrayal.

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As a woman, I empathize. Most of us have been there, in some way or another. But not in such a horribly public way, and, to put it mildly, that must really, really suck. But lady, you don’t have my pity. You know why? Because you are too good for my pity. You are above it. This private heartache – it’s nothing compared to the inspiring person that you are.

No, we haven’t ever met, but in this weird day and age of celebrity, I feel like I know at least enough about you to see you’re a beautiful, smart, talented woman, with passion, strength and a drive to succeed matched by a big old heart. Most of all, Ms. Bullock, you have class. You present yourself to the world as a woman of character. You’re someone those of us with daughters can point to as a role model – a successful, smart, generous (don’t think anyone has forgotten that million dollars to the tsunami victims, or how you advocate for your step-daughter, or all that money you’ve given New Orleans and Haiti and other worthy causes) woman with a killer sense of humor who is making her life on her own terms.

We loved you in Miss Congeniality, you had us on the edges of our seats in Speed, and we cheered for you just a few weeks ago on Oscar night (and at least one of us who shall, ahem, remain nameless got all teary for you). And speaking of awards … you accepted a Razzie the night before you won an Academy Award! If that’s not a lesson on how to go through life with grace and humor, then we don’t know what is.

So, whatever happens, whatever choices you make in your personal life, whatever transgressions have been committed against you … they are a tiny blip on the screen of who YOU are, and how we look at you. You’re still the same Sandra Bullock we all know and love – and think DAMN I can’t believe she’s 45!

You’re someone I can imagine being friends with, drinking homemade margaritas with our feet up on the coffee table. And you’re someone I’d bring Ben and Jerry’s in a time of need. I’d bring red wine, chocolate, tissues … whatever you needed. I’d bring my sympathy and friendship — but not my pity. Because that is one thing you don’t deserve.

April Daniels Hussar is BettyConfidential’s Deputy Editor.

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0 thoughts on “Don't Pity Sandra Bullock!

  1. AMEN SISTER!! I just LOVE Sandra and she is such a class act married to a loser who doesn’t deserve the love and dedication she has given to his 3 kids. Rock on, girl – Jesse’s cheating doesn’t say a thing about you! He’s the one with the problem!

  2. Sandra – Things happen for a reason, as awful as this is now, you’ll look back on this and be thankful when you do find your real soulmate! My son lives in Austin, email me and we’ll go to some fun dive for a cervaza or two!!!

  3. My ex husband cheated on me with a trashy tramp too – it happens to the best of us. Jesse James is a loser who got lucky and scored WAY out of his league. Sandra can and will do better.

  4. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Excellent words for an exceptional woman! Thank you for saying what we all would love to have said ourselves to her.

  5. i have not gone down that street with my husband. and don’t want to but when the the other !@#$& is as ugly as that and has no respect for them selves and others. you’d think it be easer to move forward but then i don’t know. it’s sad she is going through that @#!$ . but be strong and think positive . good luck

  6. I certainly agree with the letter above, she is much to good for this. She seems like a fantastic lady and I wish her all the best. She can come through this, it’s not easy but she can do it.

  7. What a great letter Ms. Hussar!
    I couldn’t believe my tired eyes, here was someone taking a strong stand, with class and respect, for the people involved.
    About Ms. Bullock, or shall I just call her Sandy? She’s the girl-next-door. She’s real. She’s human. She’s strong. You are correct, Sandy is above anyone’s pity. What in the name of Zeus was JJ thinking?? Seriously. He can’t hop on a plane to Austin for a week or so, do a little bowling, etc. with Mrs. James? He had to throw himself into the sewer with the rest of the people who cheat on their spouses?
    To JJ: Nice job Big Guy, I have to say I really don’t get where in your head you could justify this thing you did. It can’t be an affair, usually those involve emotional feelings akin to Love. Mind-blowing sex? Clearly you have some issues (call it what it is, perversions, fetishes. etc.) that would have repulsed any other woman except one. One that was out to completely destroy you, and everything that means anything to you. Vanilla Gorilla…she steal that from your and Sandra’s Halloween pic of you two passing out treats? She hasn’t thought of anyone but herself, not her own kids nor yours. She has accomplished the emasculation of Jesse James.

    To Bombshell: Doesn’t LA have a Department of Social Services where they can take your kids away when you’re no longer fit to raise them? You are a walking billboard for unfit parenting…not because of your artwork tat’s. It’s your P R tactics that have exposed you for who you truly are inside your soul, dark as it may be. I hope someone straightens you out real soon before you too lose everything. BTW Money isn’t the answer to everything, here’s the real kicker, Jesse James will always regret his time with you.

  8. Sandra you are such a great woman. Keep your held head high and move forward. Jesse is the loser in this situation. You can’t change the spots on a leopard.

  9. Sandra is way to good for this. Why do loser men always find good women to try to destroy. You will find the right one for you. True love will come your way. Be sad for the little girl that you have so loving cared for and about all these years. She loves you too and will always know you cared.

  10. Amen! Such class! Remember, from one Sandy to another, and this Sandy has been through it, too – this too shall pass! And from my very wise older sister – hell is while we are living, heaven is after!
    You are in the thoughts and prayers of a lot, a whole lot ! of people!

  11. I sure hope Sandy gets to see this article-she is America’s sweetheart and Jesse james has proven to be a spineless, selfish scum sucking swamp monster who is lower than the scum on the belly of a snake—–

  12. Everything has been said here. We all love Sandy. And that tattoo tramp is uglier then sin. It is like JJ was living in a castle and goes off to vacation in the dumpster.

  13. She signed a prenup! Of course she knew who she was marrying.

    I love Sandra Bullock, too, but I really sense that she married this guy, thinking that he’d *mature*. She seems like a nice lady, but you can’t teach an old dog– no offense to dogs– new tricks.

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