Recipe: Double Treatment Salmon

a recipe including salmon, butter, and salt

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Double Treatment Salmon

Beyond a recipe

-Jean Johnson

Jean Johnson is the author of Cooking Beyond Measure; How to Eat Well without Formal Recipes, from which this “recipe” comes.

Author’s note: Broiling after baking turns the pink flesh of the salmon a tantalizing golden brown. Dotting the fillet with garlic butter doesn’t hurt the cause either.

Double Treatment SalmonRecipe Note

Encase a wild salmon fillet in a foil tent and leave 15 minutes in a medium-hot oven. Pull away the top layer of foil to expose the fish. Sprinkle on dill, paprika, salt and pepper. Dot with garlic butter and run under the broiler until gorgeous.


Tear off a long sheet of aluminum foil. Put the fish on one end and bring the rest over the top, folding and crimping the sides to seal the fish in its tent. If you want to spare the foil, use a covered roasting pan or casserole dish.

For garlic butter, put a pinch of coarse salt on your cutting board, mince three or four cloves of garlic into the salt and work the mince into a soft cube of butter. This will leave lots of extra garlic butter for putting on vegetables, frying up some Spanish rice and what have you.

Leave the oven door open when you’re broiling. This salmon doesn’t take but a couple minutes to turn the color of an Arizona sunset.

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