EXCLUSIVE! Britney Spears is Depressed, Again

Is the comeback kid headed for another meltdown?
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EXCLUSIVE! Britney Spears is Depressed, Again

Is the comeback kid headed for another meltdown?

-JoAnna Zulli

 Britney Spears

You’d think Britney Spears would have something to smile about with her new clothing line coming out and getting her own Glee episode! But, all is not well in the land of Spears.

Recently Britney was seen being driven around town looking very unhappy. What’s there to pout about, Brit? “She’s been really sad,” a source reveals to BettyConfidential. “She’s worried about her deal with Candie’s to design her own pieces for a limited edition collection. She’s afraid it won’t be a success. She’s also worried that people won’t like it.”

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Although, Britney Tweeted, “I think you guys will like it,” the source adds she secretly fears they won’t. “It’s a gamble she’s taking and is hoping for the best. Britney’s negative mind always gets the best of her. She’s not very confident.”

 In addition, Britney’s recent actions have been bizarre. She was seen heading to the Mondrian with no bra on and her fly down. Sounds like a typical walk of shame for most of Tinsel Town’s starlets—only they’re usually spotted leaving a hotel sans bra with their fly down at 6 a.m.! If she shaves her head again, then we’ll really start to worry.

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0 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE! Britney Spears is Depressed, Again

  1. Look, I love you Betty. HOWEVER.. whoever wrote this article (and Betty agreed to run it) is an arse. Depression isn’t something to scoff at, or make snarky remarks about. It’s sad.. and painful. “..Grow up Britney..” what? Maturity (or perceived immaturity) is not a cure to depression. It’s not a switch you can flip or pass off as due to bad behavior. If only it were that easy!! We aren’t inside her head thinking her thoughts, of feeling her insecurities. It’s sad, sad, sad. People that want to poke, and prod, and analyze her need to give her breathing room. Sadly, this won’t be the last article talking about “…Britney depressed, AGAIN.” Wearing sunglasses while its raining is not a benchmark to emotional health. I have worn them driving in the rain – 1) If they are prescription and you forgot your glasses, 2) If you are dealing with a migraine, even the clouds hurt your eyes! The human race has become so critical and judgemental. A kind heart goes a long way. God Bless you, Brit.

  2. Oh dear. When once I scoffed at her, now I feel sorry for her. Poor Brit; it’s a tough world for anyone, even those with money.
    Someone will like the new designer line; someone likes everything.

  3. Dear smaslt- You said it better than anyone. Thank you. It’s nice to know that even on snarky websites (which I personally love)there are other empathetic souls.

  4. I totally agree with smaslt ! Indeed, you are so correct and you described this better than most can. Brit is one of the most awesome and influencial celebrities to many in a most postive way to date, on a global scale. She is almost quite literally, the equivalent of what Michael Jackson and Madonna were when they were her age. What she has managed to accomplish and contribute to the entertainment industry, and not yet even being 30, is almost impossible to comprehend. Further, she continues to increase her success and admiration of millions of people, each and every year through hard work, impecable skill, diligence, and dedication. Yes, she’s had incredible adverse life issues, that have been hugely exploited by all the cheap tabloids and snarly chat box television shows and web sites which are essentially promoted, read and fed by no-life, mean spirited, narrow minded, insecure individuals. Nevertheless, she never just dried up and blew away like many of us would have. Instead, she has managed to bounce back on many fronts and life issues and is now back and better than ever! Just in the past year or so, shes’ managed yet another #1 album with several chart topping singles, a world tour, new clothing line and other associated products. The pressures she faces and carries every day from that and inaddition, yes, shes a Mother! Regardless of her custody status, the welfare of her two boys has to be monumentally on her mind 24/7, not to mention the conservatorship thing which hopefully will end soon. I’m confident however that it probably was also somwhat instrumental in saving her. But through it all at the very least, she manages to remain a positive inspiration, both emotionally and spiritually, to (as I said before) hundreds of thousands if not millions of people. Many of us who have had to deal with similar life issues have actually found new emotional strength and overall well-being, through her. So yes, shes’ also human and has her ups and downs just like everyone else. Unlike most everyone else, shes’ judged and critically ridiculed constantly on the most minimalist of things, right down to whether or not shes’ wearing sun glasses on a cloudy day?!? Give the little gal a break already !

    I/We love you Britney ! There are millions of us ! So Rock on Darlin !

  5. i second what smaslt says. Depression is a serious illness. if people continue to talk about it like in your article, the stigma of mental illness will never go away. And then people won’t seek treatment.
    And some experts say that driving in the rain with sunglasses is actually SAFER!!!!

  6. lovesbetty – funny how you have to READ an article to know what it says BEFORE you can mock it. sorry, i didn’t know you were the opinion police. Quick.. you better contact the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, etc. to tell them their editorial pages are so passe. Sssssssigh.. 20 year olds. Full of pee and vinegar, but for all the wrong reasons.

    ever watch seinfeld? elaine benes would have a field day with your use of “!!” haha

  7. britfandc – you are so right! It’s funny how her unfortunate behavior over a span of months erased her accomplishments. Now she is viewed as the chick that shaved her head. By the way… that incident was a cry for help. Can anyone ANYONE imagine being that frustrated and miserable feeling to do that to themselves… knowing full well that the paparazzi would be all over her. It’s pure anguish. Can you imagine not being able to leave your home without being followed and your every move scrutinized? Good grief. If she sang to a song on the radio, they would say “Britney is hearing voices in her car.” It is so absurd. At some point the line has to be drawn. This is so different than snarky articles about jen aniston, john mayer, heidi and spencer. Those buffoons do it to themselves, and their is not a health issue that is being mocked. Brit’s a survivor. We all have to deal with speed bumps in life, but sadly hers get magnified and disected. It’s funny (odd) how our society picks apart those that are vulnerable, but glorifies those that shouldn’t have ever been in our gene pool (bimbo mcgee and tatty self).

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