Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

Eco-friendly sex toys!

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Eco-Friendly Sex Toys

It’s not sleazy being green

-Mandy Panter

a beautiful female modelIt’s finally springtime and so naturally, a randy young lady’s thoughts turn to sexytime. But whether you’re fantasizing about a longtime partner, a captivating new prospect or even your own bad self, it’s important to remember your mother . . . Mother Nature, that is.

Like the rest of the manufacturing world, the sex toy industry saw the future and the future was green. As a result, you no longer have to resort to a well-scrubbed cucumber when you want to get down while staying Earth-friendly. Here are some options that will get you off without getting you down.

Something for everyone . . .

Lip Butter• Who doesn’t like a hot, sloppy makeout sesh? Not to mention, how can you have red-hot sex without luscious lip locks? Besides technique (not too much tongue! watch the teeth!), soft, kissable lips are probably the most important element to any makeout. The Body Shop’s new Tantalizing Lip Butter is eco-friendly and all proceeds go to the AIDS-fighting Staying Alive Foundation.

• I don’t know about you, but when I think of organic underwear, visions of rough-hewn hemp drawers pop up in my brain. And oh, the chafing! Fortunately, that’s not actually the case. Stella McCartney makes a line of beautiful lingerie in organic cotton, silk and chiffon. But for those of us who’d rather pay our rent than buy a $300 chemise, there’s the fair trade organic Green Knickers or Blue Canoe Organics.

• Lube is one of the most important, and under-publicized, elements in any woman’s sexual arsenal. Not only can it turn “eh” sex into “oh natural lubeyeah” sex, it’ll help you and your guy into and out of any tight spots. In her wildly popular San Francisco Chronicle column, sex writer Violet Blue recommends using either Babeland’s Natural Organics Lube (locally made in Portland, OR) or Firefly’s Organic “Intimate Botanical Moisturizing Crème”. The bonus with Firefly being due to its tasteful and discreet packaging, guests might mistake it for hand lotion.

Spending Earth Day Alone?

• Did you know that many traditional sex toys contain cancer-Eco Kitcausing phthalates? Eww. Luckily, Babeland’s collection of PVC-free vibrators are made of glass, wood, and/or silicone. A good all-in-one collection of Earth-friendly freaktoys can be found in the Eco Delight Kit. It includes a rechargeable Delight vibrator and a soy-based massage candle among many other juicy little items.

• The sun isn’t just an excellent source of Vitamin D, you can also Tinge Razorharness its powers to rev up your very own Solar Vibrator. If you’re a little skeptical that the sun might not give you enough oomph, you could opt for a rechargeable vibrator. Sure, they’re not perfect, but you know you’ll get enough, er, bang for your buck. The Tinge is another great rechargeable solution. Because it looks like a shaver, it’s the perfect travel companion because security will never look twice.

Naughty but Nice (to the environment)

• Vegans who want to enjoy a little slap and tickle might want to check out Earth Erotics’ Recycled Rubber Whip or another recycled rubber flogger Recycled Rubber Whipknown as the Thud Lover. Both are made from recycled tires and innertubes and handmade in the Pacific Northwest.  We hear they’re all the rage amongst environmentally-conscious dungeon masters.  Thwack!

• Then of course, there’s always the hardware and grocery store. Hemp rope is twice as strong as regular old cotton rope and ecologically friendly. Whether or not you choose to use it as an all-natural restraint is up to you. The vegetable aisle is another rich source of delicious and nutritious pleasure — organic strawberries and whipped cream anyone? Finally, organic honey can provide a sticky sweet time.

So what are you waiting for?  It’s Earth Day — get sexy and celebrate with a good old fashioned roll in the (organic, sustainably harvested) hay!

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