The Economic Crisis has Kicked Me to the Curb

A woman seeks advice about how to stay in her chosen field and still make money.

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A Goddess Inquires

Dear Michele,

I would like to know how to manifest more clients for Medical Muscular Therapy practice with the financial fears here. I am down to 1 client bi-monthly because of the new reality. I have been in this field for 30 years and am really frightened.

I’ve gone on two interviews and no one wants to hire a middle aged, silver haired, goddess-sized veteran in their spas. I have an ad in a small paper in Battery Park City and Tribeca with only one reply and they were looking for insurance paid physical therapy. I am at wits end to wonder what to do besides collect bottles and cans on the road and don’t want to work in McDonalds. Thank you in advance.

— Goddess

Dear Goddess,

Take out a piece of paper. In the past 30 years, who have been your best, most favorite clients? Write down what they were like — this is your ideal client. Then, ask yourself, “Where is this client right now? What is he or she doing?” When you answer this question, you will know exactly where to go to find work for yourself.

And, just a note: Someone who’s starting up a spa would LOVE to have a veteran to help launch the business. Don’t sell yourself short — your skills and experience are an asset. If you can see things that way, you’ll allow others to see you positively, too.

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