The Economy Also Affects Women's Health

Results of's Economy Survey show that woman are drastically being affected by the economy.

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How Women Are Drastically Affected By the Economy

It’s not just about practicalities; it’s about physical and mental health

-April Daniels Hussar

distraught womanThanks to everyone who participated in our recent survey about women and the economy!  Also, thanks to Paul Nyhan of Working Dad for reporting on this survey and contributing some great ideas!  

We know there’s fear out there, but we wanted to dig deep and find out EXACTLY HOW WOMEN ARE AFFECTED when it comes to daily functioning, spending habits, and childcare arrangements – and, of course, to find out women’s biggest fears and concerns.

Anxiety, insomnia, fear … as it turns out, women are being drastically affected by the economic downturn both in their spending habits and their psychological well being. In our survey of more than 100 women, 75% of respondents indicated that on a scale of 1 to 10 (1 being “not at all” and 10 being “extreme”), their anxiety about the economy rated a 6 or higher, with 2o% choosing 8 and 21% choosing 9.

What worries women MOST? In a nutshell … everything. Answers ran the gamut from affording groceries and other staples like gas (25%) to a wide variety of fears, such as: “Losing what took so long to acquire,” job loss, “keeping my husband’s and my businesses,” making credit card payments, and a general fear for the country’s future, such as the “destruction of economy,” “things getting worse in the country and it affecting me,” and “the state of our country and how we are leaving it for our children.”

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Here’s a sampling of what women had to say about the economy:

I think the media’s over blowing it, to an extent, and creating a crisis – much like they’ve done for everything over the past few years.

It has made me hyper aware of the news. I’ve gone to economic websites and blogs to try and learn more about what is really going on and how it all started. I hate feeling stupid, and not having a good answer or knowing what to do to protect myself and my children.

I don’t sleep more than 4 hours a night. I get headaches. I worry that my kids can’t go to college and my doctor now has me on anti-anxiety meds. (Thankfully, they are cheap!)

We had planned to put this year’s Christmas shopping on a new credit card. Instead, my husband is taking on a second job.

We are unable to do the ‘fun’ things with our children. Dinner, vacations, etc. I work part time right now, and will most likely have to go back full time.

What I’ve learned so far indicates that if Lehman Brothers had not failed, we would not be in crisis mode right now. It doesn’t mean that we would not have gotten there eventually, but with a new administration coming into office they might have been able to stave off this mess, but now they are stuck with it.

My investments are down across the board.

I have eliminated childcare and am concerned about how I can get my oldest to college.

It’s trickle-down economics at its best. When you have to decide whether your kids can participate in activities based on the amount of gas it will consume, that’s twisted and sick.

Since I’ve taken a night job, I don’t see my children in the evenings very often any more.

We can’t afford anything but gas and food.

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