In Like Flynt

Has the economy made romance a bigger priority, or a lesser one?


In Like Flynt

Has the economy made romance a bigger priority, or a lesser one?

-Megan Southwick

happy coupleWe bailed out the banks. The housing industry. The auto industry tried their damndest. And then…

In came Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler. Oh, yes, our pal Larry, asking for a magic blue pill (or check) from Congress to bail out the adult entertainment industry, which he claims is suffering massive losses due to the nation’s steadily declining libido.

“People are too depressed to be sexually active,” Flynt said. “This is very unhealthy.”

And yet, 79% of people who responded to a survey say that the recession hasn’t hurt their sex lives one bit!

Certainly, we aren’t going on those big fancy set-the-mood dates anymore – who can afford champagne and caviar these days? But what we are doing is staying in, with votive candles and a nice massage oil – which inevitably leads to … well, you know.

While some have certainly felt the burn – feeling that there were higher priorities, such as finding jobs, and maintaining the family budget – others worked around that, and kept sex high on the priority list by scheduling sex. Nearly half of the respondents schedule sex, and 7% use a calendar, smart phone or PDA.

The scheduling isn’t the only thing going high tech. Vibrators, as it turns out, are becoming cheaper, more user-friendly, and much more widely available (as in, you can now buy them at Bed, Bath & Beyond and CVS).

And don’t think it’s just single gals using these high-tech toys – it’s couples, too. Since so many of us are staying at home these days, we are looking for ways to kick it up a notch in the bedroom, and, well, this is sometimes the perfect answer! So, Mr. Flynt, doesn’t look like the entire adult entertainment industry needs a bailout…

What about you? Is the economy hurting your sex life, or just encouraging you to spice it up in new and creative ways? Spill it, Bettys!


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  1. I think this is absolutely true and incredibly interesting…but I keep hearing opposite studies. I’m curious — where was this study conducted and who was surveyed?

  2. I remember when Madonna was scheduling sex with Guy Ritchie and I thought, “No wonder their marriage didn’t work..”. Scheduling such a magical act makes it part of your daily routine. Where’s the romance in that?

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