Eight Things I Learned on the Set of Mercy

BettyConfidential spent a day on the set of the NBC medical drama and got to see what the cast was really like when the cameras stopped rolling.
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3. The cast is nickname-challenged.

Taylor Schilling

Forget McSteamy and McDreamy. James Tupper is known on set as “Dr. Zhivago,” James LeGros is called “Dr. Grumpy Pants” and James Van Der Beek is merely “VDB” (“El Beeko” was one of the rejected names). But Taylor Schilling (Nurse Veronica) is the only woman on the series with a new moniker. James Tupper calls her “Giraffe” and Michelle Trachtenberg calls her “Big Eyes.”

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4. Michelle Trachtenberg has delusions of grandeur when it comes to her character, Nurse Chloe.

Michelle Trachtenberg

Michelle describes Chloe as “Not that easily pushable. She’s a 25-year-old confident woman, who knows how to nurse. So she definitely fights back against anyone who goes against her.” I’m not sure Michelle’s been watching the same show as I have. Chloe seems like a pretty naïve (though intelligent), pushover to me.

5. Jaime Lee Kirchner is gunning for a song and dance number.

Jaime Lee Kirchner

Jaime, who plays Jersey-born tough girl Nurse Sonia, starred as Mimi on Broadway in the musical Rent and was a backup dancer in Beyonce’s “Work It Out” video. So she’s dying to do some singing and dancing on the show. “I keep pushing for a talent show or for us to go to the club,” she says. “I’d be open to the Mercy musical.”

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