Eight Things I Learned on the Set of Mercy

BettyConfidential spent a day on the set of the NBC medical drama and got to see what the cast was really like when the cameras stopped rolling.
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6. Anne Heche won’t be guest-starring after all.

Anne Heche

James Tupper was hoping his real-life love might get to play his love interest on the small screen again (they met on the set of Men in Trees, and James reveals that when they visit their cabin in Vancouver they occasionally call each other by their TV names, Marin and Jack), but according to him her schedule won’t permit it. “She just finished a movie and decided to take a month off to be with the baby (10-month-old Atlas), so she’s just too tired to make it work,” he explains. “After her month off, she starts taping Hung in Los Angeles.”

7. Michelle Trachtenberg likes her character Georgina on Gossip Girl even more than her role as Chloe on Mercy.

Gossip Girl

On the subject of juggling her time between the two shows, Michelle says: “I love Georgina. She’s the best character I’ve ever played. She’s so much fun that I wouldn’t ever be ok with letting that go. And, luckily, the Gossip Girl people are family and want me back, so there’ll be a smooth mix of [me on] both.” Note to Michelle: You might not want to say that on the set of Mercy!

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8. The cast wishes there were more sex scenes.


As much as the show is about relationships (and love triangles!), there haven’t been any really gratuitous sex scenes — and the cast would like to see that change. “There haven’t been any — yet,” says Diego Klattenhoff (Mike), hinting that there might be some to come. James LeGros (Dr. Harris) pipes in and jokes, “Guillermo [Diaz] (Nurse Angel) and I will have full-frontal nudity [coming up]. We insist on it this season.” And Michelle adds, “I want to hear Lady Gaga’s ‘Bad Romance’ playing during the Tupper-Van Der Beek love scene. Oops! I gave it away.”

One thing’s for sure, even though they can spend up to 15 hours a day on the set, they have a whole lotta fun, too!

Patty Adams is a New York City-based writer whose work has been published in Seventeen, Fitness, Family Circle, Cosmopolitan and Redbook.

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