Election 08 Archives

Election 08 Archives

Election 08 Archive

Ladies, Now We Want to Know What YOU Think of Cindy McCain?
Why I Support McCain/Palin
The Politics of Health Care: A Personal Story
Cindy McCain‘s Gotta Be DYING Inside
Presidential Debate Round Two
Palin Power – What a ROCK STAR!
Crash (Here’s more good news: Election Day is predicted to be most dangerous for drivers)
Bedroom Politics
Vanity Meets Voting
Do YOU Have Something to Say About the Elections?
What Did YOU Think about the Vice Presidential Debate?
Sarah Palin: Not the Woman I Want In the White House
Why I Love Barack Obama
Debate Date
What Did You Think of GW‘s Speech Last Night?
What Women Think about Palin
Obama for My First Time
Tina Fey Nails Sarah Palin on SNL
Did Sarah Palin Have an Affair?
What Drives Hillary?
Amber Lee Ettinger, aka “the Obama Girl
The Mud is A-Slingin’
Sarah Palin Got Me Interested in Politics
Sarah Palin Proves Sexism is Alive and Well in America
Betty’s Biggest Boob of the Week: John McCain
Dorothy, Hillary and Chelsea Makes Three
John Edwards‘ Cheating Heart, Crumbling Career
Is Obama too Buff to Be President?
John Edwards: Should His Career Be Over?
John McCain‘s Suspicious Mole
John McCain: Wife Swapper
Faux Politics, Faux Pas 

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