Undecided Voters: Who Are They?

this article is about undecided voters for election 2008

I’m Losing It!

Election Fatigue

Who are these undecided voters?

-Judy McGuire

election rallyI know who I’m voting for. I’ve known since Barack Obama won the Democratic primary (though I voted for Hillary) that he’d be getting my vote next week. I’m not particularly enthused about him, but I’m very enthused about getting the Republicans out of office.

 I know there are many Republicans (some of whom write for this very website) who feel just as strongly about voting for McCain, and you know what? I’m not going to change their minds – just as there’s nothing anyone could say that would change mine. So far there’s been no October Surprise from either side (unless you count Sarah Palin’s possibly criminal wardrobe malfeasance, which I don’t), so I have to imagine that, like me, most Americans have made up their minds.

So could we please stop with the commercials already? And cut out the constant yammering about polls and such? I’m sick of it, and I’m sure I’m not the only one. There’s nothing that John McCain or Sarah Palin could possibly say to sway me, and Barack, you’ve already rocked my vote, so shut it, please.

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