Elin Woods Moving Back in with Tiger

The couple is reportedly ready to start again in their family home.

Elin Woods Moving Back in with Tiger

The couple is reportedly ready to start again in their family home.

-April Daniels Hussar

Tiger and Elin

According to RadarOnline.com, the Woods family is about to be reunited at last. Though she hasn’t been wearing her wedding ring and has been living with the children in a rented house a mile away from their family home, Elin has reportedly agreed to move back in with her husband.

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RadarOnline reports that on Wednesday, Elin and Tiger spent about three hours together at the house where they will once again live together. A source spotted them in the backyard, where “at one point Tiger kissed Elin on the cheek three times and they hugged.”

The date for the move-in hasn’t been set yet, but Tiger allegedly wants Elin to come home this weekend. He must feel ready to make it work – he spent about six weeks in rehab at Gentle Path in Hattiesburg, Mississippi (Elin flew there to participate at one point), and reportedly received more therapy in Arizona. Last week, they took their first family trip together since the Thanksgiving bombshell that was Rachel Uchitel.

Elin has a tough job – forgiving and forgetting one time is hard enough – but 14? (RadarOnline.com)

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0 thoughts on “Elin Woods Moving Back in with Tiger

  1. khc1114 says:

    I hope they can make it worth if that’s what they both want…

  2. NYCdogmommy says:

    What’s the divorce laws in Florida??? Hmmm

  3. jessica03 says:

    Why Elin Why?!

  4. smartbuddy says:

    Elin and Tiger should be left alone to sort things out.THERE’S NO NEED FOR WHY THIS OR THAT,BOTH OF THEM ARE ADULTS AND KNOW WHAT THEY WANT,PERIOD.

  5. scooch says:

    Oh please – how stupid. If it is true, she deserves what she gets and no one will pity her when it happens again.

  6. f1164503 says:

    I hope that Tiger has grown and learned from his past. His behaviour was childish…I hope he is now moving towards being a man..if his wife can forgive him and move on together, I wish them all the best…Good luck Elin and Tiger..my prayer is for them to be back together..

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