Daily Dish: Emma Watson Stalked at Harvard

The Harry Potter star can't escape the spotlight

Daily Dish: Emma Watson Stalked at Harvard

The ‘Harry Potter’ star can’t escape the spotlight

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Emma Watson

Harry Potter star and Burberry model Emma Watson started her first semester at Brown University in Rhode Island this fall, where she was hoping to fly under the radar.

It seems Harvard students didn’t think she deserved that courtesy.

Watson attended a Harvard-Brown football game in Cambridge, Mass. on Saturday, where she was seen surrounded by guards. The reason? The Harvard Voice, the university’s student magazine, encouraged students to “stalk” the actress, and kept up an “Emma watch” while Twittering the game.

The actress reportedly looked “quite shaken” by all the attention. The magazine’s blog tried to make light of their efforts to find the star in a post titled “OMG, It’s Emma Watson,” and added an editor’s note calling the situation “much ado about nothing,” but some commenters were less than pleased.

One wrote that “There is a locatable cause of Watson’s experience at Harvard Stadium and a blameworthy party. However, I doubt we’ll get an apology from The Harvard Voice.”

While another said: “She’s had enough press, and I’m sure she didn’t go to Brown so blogs would post more photos of her trying to be a normal girl. Chill out and just let her be a college student.”

Both Brown University and Watson’s representatives have yet to make statements on the matter. (Page Six)

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  1. Emma Watson's trusts of being simply one more Ivy League understudy have been broken. The "Harry Potter" star was stalked by Harvard understudies while she was going to get a football game between the Massachusetts school and her own, Brown University, reports People.com. Journalists for the Harvard Voice who were Tweeting live from the amusement posted that they'd be "perhaps stalking Emma Watson, True Essay Help so keep your eyes peeled for that." And that they did, hunting down the 19-year-old British on-screen character best known for playing youthful witch Hermione Granger in the Potter flicks.

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