Emma Watson's School Struggles

Hollywood's highest-paid actress just wants to fit in.

Emma Watson’s School Struggles

Hollywood’s highest-paid actress just wants to fit in.

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Emma Watson

Harry Potter star and Burberry model Emma Watson is currently the highest paid actress in Hollywood, and is known for bringing one of the most famous characters in modern fiction to life. Yet on campus at Brown University, this college freshman just wants to fit in.

“It was just awful,” Watson told Vanity Fair of freshman week at Brown. “I was like, I must be mad. Why am I doing this?”

Watson, who says she identifies with her brainy, bossy character Hermione Granger, was worried that she wouldn’t be accepted on campus.

“I was scared before I came to Brown—that I wasn’t going to be allowed to have both [a career and a normal life],” Watson said. “People would think that I didn’t deserve to have both. [I was afraid they’d think], You’re famous. You’re given free handbags. Why should you deserve to be normal?”

And though her first frat party was a surreal experience (“I felt like I’d walked into an American teen movie,” she said), she found some friends who couldn’t care less about her movie career and settled into a normal class schedule . However, her acting class is a big challenge.

“I think actually I’m the worst person in the class,” Watson said.

Think of it this way, Emma: you’ll only get better from here! (Vanity Fair)

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  1. og course she deserves a normal life – everyone does, sadly w/the career path sh’e on it’s oy going to be easyat all – toufh choice to make – esp. for one so young

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