Sarah Palin: Enough with the Bashing Already!

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Enough Sarah Palin Bashing!

She’s more experienced than Obama

-Libby Carty McNamee

Editor’s Note: The following is one Betty’s opinion. welcomes all opinions and doesn’t endorse any particular candidate or political party.

sarah palinSarah Palin has been bashed since Day One, literally. Among other double standards, she has been maligned for not having enough experience. Frankly, my dear, I just don’t buy it. GOVERNOR Palin is a GOVERNOR of a STATE. She has been GOVERNOR of Alaska for 22 months before running for VP. Barack Obama was in the Senate for only 12 MONTHS, the 49th most junior member, before running for President.

America has had sixteen presidents who served as governors before becoming President. Sixteen! And that includes Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe, and FDR. More recent Presidents who are also former Governors: Bill Clinton, Ronald Regan, George W. Bush, and Jimmy Carter.

And, by the way, Sarah Palin isn’t running for President, but Obama is.

The only executive position Obama has ever held is heading HIS own campaign, not serving the people. WHAT?? He was a state senator who rarely voted, only voting “present.” WHAT?? This man has been a legislator for 10 years, but has never actually authored any legislation. WHAT?? And, no, being a “community organizer” does NOT count as legislative experience.

Let’s get real here. Who exactly is the one without any experience? And why is Sarah Palin such a target? Why the double standard? As a contractor at my house commented the other day, “They’re scared of her.” And they should be. She is so refreshingly real, so herself, so human. That is quite a contrast to Obama, the Anointed One with Greek columns, the legislator who never wrote any legislation but found the time to write not one, but two, books about HIMSELF. And he is only in his 40s.

Alaskans recently received $2,069, a record share of the state’s oil wealth as well as a special payment of $1,200 to offset rising oil prices. That’s the kind of experience Sarah Palin has – tangible results that directly benefit taxpayers.

Obama’s only true experience is in self-promotion.

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