Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Vibrators

OK, maybe not everything ... but here are 6 answers to your 6 most-burning vibrator questions.
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3. What type of vibrators I can use with my guy?

You can use any vibrator with a guy. He can use it on you during foreplay, and he can continue to use it on your clitoris while you’re having sex. Many couples find that adding a vibrator into the mix can be an exciting way to spice things up, and do something that’s a bit different. There’s even a vibrator called we-vibe that’s specifically designed to be a small, hands-free device you can use during intercourse. So if you’re not quite ready to bring your rabbit into the bedroom, you can start with something a bit more subtle.

Two picks: the “We-Vibe”  ($129.99) and the hands free “Venus Butterfly” ($22.99).

4. I started using a vibrator during sex, and now I can’t get off without it!

I’ve heard many girls complain that once they get used to their vibrators they have a hard time having an orgasm without one. Although, I’ve also heard many experts say vibrator use is “not habit forming.” An easy enough solution is to give up your vibrator for a month or two and see if it makes a difference. It’s possible that after a long enough break, your clitoris will become more sensitive, and more sensitized, to human touch. And if you have any sort of mental reliance on your vibrator, this break may help you realize, you can get on — and off — without it.

5. Do I have to clean my vibrator?

Yes. Your vibrator comes into contact with your vaginal secretions, and that means it needs to be cleaned. “Clean your vibrator with soap and water each time you use it,” recommends Dr. Katherine O’Connell White, an OB-GYN at Baystate Medical Center in Massachusetts. “You rinse your toothbrush, you rinse your thermometer — your vibrator needs to be cleaned just like any thing else you put in your body.” If you don’t, there’s the chance you could get a bacterial infection, but beyond that, it’s just kinda gross.

6. What should I use if I don’t have a vibrator?

Vibrators are a lovely addition to female masturbation. But women were masturbating long before vibrators were ever in the picture. Just because a vibrator may make it easier doesn’t mean you have to use one — you can never go wrong with your plain old hands. Many people would even argue that using your hands is a preferable method, anyway, since you’ll easily be able to replicate that while having sex and show your partner what to do. After all, you can’t really teach your man how to move like a vibrator.

Vibrators can be a great addition to your sex life, both with and without a partner. But they shouldn’t be used as an excuse not to learn how to please yourself without one, or – most importantly! – for your guy to do less work in bed.

Amber Madison is a sex educator and author of Hooking Up: A Girl’s All-Out Guide to Sex and Sexuality, and Talking With Your Kids About Sex, to be released this March.

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7 thoughts on “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Vibrators

  1. I bought my girlfriend a couple of vibrators, a mini, a normal and a rabbit.
    As she had never owned a vibrator before, I thought that she would use the normal and the mini (it’s waterproof so ideal in the shower or bath). But no. She went straight for the rabbit and I think the normal one is still on its first set of batteries.

  2. Agreed, vibrators are a really great toy to introduce with your partner! Once you both become comfortable with it, there are sooo many other fun things out there to play with as well!

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