Exclusive! Ashley Dupre Closes the Deal

Our spies in NYC spotted the notorious escort-turned-advice-columnist having a good time on the town.

Exclusive! Ashley Dupre Closes the Deal

Our spies in NYC spotted the notorious escort-turned-advice-columnist having a good time on the town.

-Gossip Betty

Ashley Dupre

She may have taken down Governor Eliot Spitzer, but even Ashley Dupre needs a little help closing the deal. Escort turned New York Post columnist Ashley showed up to Manhattan hotspot Albert Trummer’s Apotheke on Saturday night and our spy spotted the sexy seductress, looking fit and petite in a chic black dress, holding court at a private VIP table for her party of seven. Ashley arrived with three women and three men, one of whom was a slick businessman dressed to the nines in a fancy suit.

The group racked up an expensive bill, and even ordered a round of special homemade absinthe, which reportedly goes for $35 a glass! The Playboy cover girl and her pals were in an upbeat mood, talking to other bar patrons and were reportedly “very friendly.”

Ashley sipped on several “Deal Closers,” a cucumber-based cocktail that is supposed to work as an aphrodisiac and help one to “close the deal.” The drink apparently worked for Ashley! After our spy spotted Ashley and her beau “heavily flirting,” they left the club around 1 a.m., but not before leaving a generous tip. The lovey-dovey pair hailed a cab, leaving their group in the dust and heading to an unknown destination. With Ashley’s reputation, wherever they headed was surely a good time!

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0 thoughts on “Exclusive! Ashley Dupre Closes the Deal

  1. normally, this is the kind of person I REALLY don’t want to hear any more from (or about), but am almost embarrassed to admit that I kinda like her…

  2. Are most of the posters here brainless ?? Or just never married ?? Which is it, because no married or divorced or DECENT woman I know of any age thinks it’s acceptable for this tramp to have even a nanosecond of fame, however hyped it may be. She is party to breaking up a family, people; a real wife and Mother and kids whose lives have taken an irretrievable hard left because THIS woman was selling her hoo-hoo to a governor. Is that the new criteria for fame and glory in our country, that you just need to help wreck someone’s marriage and career and there ya go, instant celeb status ?? Or is she famous because she’s a whore ? Oh,don’t get all squeamish on me now; YOU people are the ones talking about “I kinda like her”. Are many of your friends prostitutes ?? That’s what Ms Dupres does for a living. Here’s a quarter, buy a clue: she doesn’t work, people. No job. And if you think she’s living off the Playboy cover, guess again. 50% of that $$ went to the IRS; then her publicist ( she has one, rest assured) gets their 20% and her agent ( not a pimp, but may as well be in this case) gets his/her 30% and so on, not much left for La Vida Loca. If you think she gave up all that easy money ( which she could now command a whole lot more of from an even loftier clientele) and suddenly went cold-turkey legit, you’re high and/or delusional.
    This woman represents everything base, squalid, tawdry and prurient in our world, and you suckers are celebrating her. Way to go, nice to know the moral fiber of our country is apparently spun from polyester.

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