Exclusive Betty Interview! Dakota Fanning Is All Grown Up

The star of 'The Runaways' talks to BettyConfidential about fame, beauty, singing in front of Joan Jett, and being BFFs with Kristin Stewart.
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Exclusive Betty Interview! Dakota Fanning Is All Grown Up

The star of ‘The Runaways’ talks to BettyConfidential about fame, beauty, singing in front of Joan Jett, and being BFFs with Kristen Stewart.

-Cindy Pearlman

Dakota Fanning

Don’t hate her because she’s beautiful. Dakota Fanning isn’t your little child star anymore. She’s all grown up – and now is being called a big screen beauty. 

 “I’m not sure what it means when people say you’re pretty,” a sweet but nervous Fanning confesses during a phone interview from her California home. “I just try to be comfortable with who I am. I think the way you look on the outside shows your comfort level on the inside.”

 “Women try so hard to be pretty when I think what’s really beautiful is your personality. Stop it with the mascara and just find some peace within yourself about your life,” says Fanning, who has been finding peace and lots of work for eons. She has acted since she was a tot in movies like I Am Sam and Charlotte’s Web

Now, she’s a rocker in skimpy outfit that barely covers what needs to be covered in the musical biopic The Runaways.

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The Runaways

It’s the sex, drugs, and rock and roll in the story of Joan Jett (Kristen Stewart) and her first group The Runaways fronted by the girl who crooned the ultimate female rock rebellion song “Cherry Bomb.” Fanning plays teen singing queen Cherie Currie, who has been dubbed “the lost daughter of Iggy Pop and Brigitte Bardot.”

The film reunites Stewart and Fanning, who both star in The Twilight Saga as Bella and Jane. There is no blood sucking in their new movie, but there was a bit of sucking face between the two.

You have a make-out kissing scene with Kristen Stewart in the new film. What was it like for the two of you to lock lips?
Yes, we have a kissing scene. The whole thing has obviously been blown up so much. It’s not like a romance. The kissing is something that happens amongst friends. It’s not talked about later on. It’s dumb that our kissing is all over the news. I guess Dakota and Kristen kissing makes a good story, but people might be a little disappointed. We just kiss. That’s it!

What was the appeal of The Runaways?
I loved this project because I don’t think a lot of people know about The Runaways and Cherie’s story. I didn’t know a lot about Cherie. I vaguely heard the song “Cherry Bomb” before, but when I read the script and watched her Live in Japan videotapes, I fell in love with her. She was 15 when she became famous and I was 15 when I did the role. It was perfect timing because she was going through some the same things as I do when it comes to dealing with growing up.

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    She is so darling. And what a talented actress, love her!

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    Mature words for so young, hope its not all happening too fast. She’s great though.

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    Read in the NY Dailey News after the premiere in NY she and Kristen were chain smoking.If it’s true how stupid can she be? Hope it’s not.

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