Exclusive Interview! Jennifer Lopez: Being a Mommy and a Movie Star Is Hard

The star of The Back-Up Plan on her new movie, her bedroom secrets, and what her twins think when Mommy does "major hair!”
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Jennifer Lopez with her family

Is your new movie, The Back-Up Plan, a comeback film for you after taking a few years off to be a mommy?
I don’t really think of it as a comeback. I was just home on maternity leave and making music. Now, my first movie is coming out since I was fat! Just kidding. I loved my time at home, but it’s time to get back to work.

The film is about a woman dealing with pregnancy with a twist. She goes to a sperm bank, gets pregnant and then meets the love of her life. You play a woman named Zoe who is content to be alone and without a man. Could you identify with those feelings?
It’s funny because I’m so opposite. She was comfortable being alone. I’m so uncomfortable being alone. But I envy people who are like her… I kind of wish I was like her in a way because she’s very comfortable being by herself.

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In the film, it’s the woman with the commitment issue and not the guy. Does that ring true?
One of the great things about this script is it’s so modern. We’re so used to seeing men with their commitment issues. But Zoe has her own business. She has money in the bank. She’s better off than her male counterpart. This was so much better than a cliché romantic comedy.

Back on the home front…what is the best and worst part of having twins?
The best part is mostly everything! Everything in your life changes. Having that feeling of love inside of you all the time is amazing. It’s such a fulfilling place to be. I wish it would have happened earlier for me. But I know things happen for a reason. The worst thing about twins is there are two of them. I’m always worried that each is getting exactly the same from me. There has to be the same amount of candy. If I kiss one, I kiss the other. I need to make sure they feel equally loved. I hold one and the other climbs on my back. That’s great because they’re each getting a turn.

Has being a mom made you a better actress?
Absolutely. I knew that was going to happen. My life, and the way I felt about my life and the way I feel about my children, is so deep and profound. This is the first time I’ve felt this way. I knew as an artist that it would make a huge different.

How did you get back into such amazing shape after the babies?
It was challenging for me like it is for anyone who has had a baby. The first few pounds fell off fast. But then I was stuck with the last 10 to 15 pounds. You just gotta diet and do the exercises. There are no shortcuts. I knew I had a movie coming out, so that was motivating. It was another level of not having to eat as much. I basically ate no bread and no sugar. That did the trick.

What’s happening with your new CD called “Love?”
We’re aiming for a summer release. I’m just exploring the subject matter of love. It’s an endlessly fascinating topic and it’s still confusing to me.

And as for love with Mark Anthony… any light you can shed on that topic?
Well, you’re going to love this. When I was pregnant, I was really uncomfortable. I would lay on one side and there was a baby. I’d lay on the other side and there was a baby. I had this big pregnancy pillow that was very firm and hard. Mark still sleeps with it to this day. He travels with the pillow!

Thanks for those bedroom secrets!

Cindy Pearlman is a nationally syndicated entertainment writer and the co-author of The Beauty Cookbook and The Black Book of Hollywood Beauty Secrets.

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  1. i love Jennifer’s movies and music well what can i say even her so smelling good body spray’s and clothing i love the way she played in the movies enough how she showed the abused family’s how to fight back. and selena she so looked like the real selena and her voice was unbelievable. not to mention monster in-law to funny.and she always looks so great.

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