Exclusive Interview with Brooke Hogan

Gossip Betty scores an exclusive interview with Brooke Hogan!

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Exclusive Interview

Exclusive Interview with Brooke Hogan

The young star dishes on her mom, her dad and all the Hogan family drama

-Kelly Will

Brooke HoganAt 21 years-old, Brooke Hogan has had a lot to deal with this year. Her parents, Linda and Hulk Hogan are divorcing after 23 long years together and brother Nick just got out of prison. The family, somewhat broken, has gone in separate directions, leaving Brooke to channel all that emotional energy into her new album, The Redemption, out July 21st. Brooke just finished filming season 2 of Brooke Knows Best, which debuted this week on VH1. Her home is in Miami, where she still carries scars from the breakup of her parent’s marriage. The once bubbly singer is now quiet, thoughtful and was often sad during this interview. Nothing like the young Brooke I met and interviewed 4 years ago at the MTV Video Music Awards.

Gossip Betty: What song means the most to you off the new album?

Brooke Hogan: My letter to my mom, called “Dear Mom.” It is my take on the divorce and how she has handled everything. The song is really how I feel.

Gossip Betty: Did your personal life drive a lot of the tone of the new album?

BH: Absolutely. There’s a lot about romantic love and relationships but there is a strong flavor of the family drama the public has seen recently.

Gossip Betty: Is your Dad, Hulk Hogan, featured in any of the songs as a character?

BH: No actually! You’d think he would be – he’s awesome, but he isn’t the focus of any song.

Gossip Betty: Perez Hilton covers a lot of your family drama – do you actually read his site?

BH: I don’t read Perez. He is really funny, but I try to avoid it because I can have a crying jag if I read it. I try to have a light heart, but it’s hard to read some of the things my mother is saying.

Gossip Betty: Are you still living in Miami full time – do the paparazzi get you there?

BH: I do. I love Miami and I lead a fairly normal life. I work out every day; eat at the local salad place for lunch and I see movies at the Lincoln Road Theater. I love it here, even though people and paparazzi still hassle me in Miami, it is nothing like if I lived in Los Angeles.

Gossip Betty: Your relationship with your father, Hulk is still great. What did he get you when you turned 21 this month?

BH: It was a great birthday in Las Vegas – everyone flew in, my Dad, his girlfriend, Jennifer, and Nick, too. Dad took me on a shopping spree through Caesar’s Palace. When we got to the Marciano shop, he wanted to buy me everything in the store. I told him not to, but he did anyway – I’m still a daddy’s girl!

Gossip Betty: How does your boyfriend, Yannique Barker AKA rapper, Stack$, compete with that?

BH: Stack$ was with us in Vegas, too and he got me a new Chloe bag and a diamond heart necklace! I’m really lucky!

Gossip Betty: What was your funniest moment during taping of the second season of Brooke Knows Best?

BH: My viewers will be surprised! I end up kissing a girl. I didn’t plan it and it certainly wasn’t scripted…whoops! Stack$ doesn’t need to worry, though!

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  1. Well — though I want to barf at the thought of Brooke being famous merely because of her famous Daddy, and getting taken to Vegas for a Marciano shopping spree (BLEH) …. she does seem like a basically a sweet girl. After all — she can’t help being born with a diamond-studded spoon in her mouth, right?

  2. oh for crying out loud – “Daddy bought me everything in the store” and how about informing everyone where she goes to the movies – she should have just called the papparazi herself. And the publicity on kissing another girl — seriously, i think i’m gonna barf; and hello, my parents got divorced too when i was about her age – get over it already!

  3. I feel bad for kids of celebrities. it must be tough going through family issues in the media. I don’t feel bad for celebrities because they know the lifestyle they are getting into, but the lifestyle is forced upon the kids.

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