Gossip Betty Exclusive: Perez Hilton Finally Speaks Out About Carrie Prejean

Perez Hilton finally speaks out about Miss California


Gossip Betty Celeb Exclusive: Perez Hilton Finally Speaks About Miss California, Carrie Prejean

Perez gives answers about his infamous question and same-sex marriage 

-Kelly Will

In an exclusive interview with Betty’s celebrity gossip columnist, Kelly Will, Perez Hilton – queen of all media – finally broke his silence about Miss California, Carrie Prejean, and discussed the fight for equality and same-sex marriage.

KW: Now that Donald Trump has given his edict, would you change anything about your question? Is there another question you would like to ask Carrie Prejean?

Perez: I would not change anything about my question. Another question I would like to ask is, “Does she think that gays and lesbians are entitled to the same rights, privileges, and protections that heterosexuals have?”

KW: What do you think of Donald Trump’s response to the controversy and photos of Miss California?

Perez: I think that Donald Trump has opened up a can of worms for himself because he is making up new rules as he goes, and he’s establishing a new precedent for the future. Now, I’m just going to assume that every potential Miss USA out there has racy pictures in their past.

KW: Are gay rights and marriage still moving forward even though Miss California is allowed to keep her crown? Do you worry that this has slowed any momentum?

Perez: This hasn’t slowed any movement. In the weeks since the pageant, a few states have already legalized same-sex marriage, and even more are set to do the same soon. You can’t slow down equality.

KW: What’s your take on Sarah Palin jumping into the controversy at this juncture?

Perez: I think that it is great that everyone has an opinion and is being vocal about it. Having a conversation about equality is necessary, and I am thankful that for about a month now, we’ve been having this discourse on gay marriage.

KW: If Carrie had answered in a different and more appropriate way, would she have had your vote to win the pageant?

Perez: No, because I don’t think she is as good as Miss North Carolina. That’s really why she didn’t win.

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0 thoughts on “Gossip Betty Exclusive: Perez Hilton Finally Speaks Out About Carrie Prejean

  1. Wow — I’m really impressed with how sensible Perez Hilton sounds here. And what a great point that it’s just a positive thing to have this debate out in the open — GO PEREZ!

  2. Hilton/Mario Armando Lavandeira Jr. previously said of Prejean, “She lost it because of that question. She was definitely the front-runner before that.”

  3. OK, those two previous posts were supposed to say I ‘heart’ Perez but apparently the comment section will not accept the sign for ‘lower than + a three, which is a symbol for a heart, so I’ll just say I LOVE PEREZ! Geeze, technology!

  4. I understand why Perez acted the way he did with that video he made right after the pageant — he was hurt and angry. But I didn’t think it helped the cause of equality for all — this, however, shows real sense and character. Nice work Perez! Someday we will look back on this time and just be amazed that people could be so narrow minded and ignorant — just like we do today on segregation.

  5. I think it is Ok for Perez to ask the question, but when did the whole pageant thing become so snarky. I guess even 21st century pageants have to push the envelop too.

  6. It amazes me not that pageants are snarky, but that they exist at all. Really, what purpose does this serve? Role models for girls? Perez is a better role model than any of those barely articulate barbie dolls!

  7. yes, i am also amazed that perez is so sensible here and sounds like he knows what he’s talking about – brava, perez!!! 😀 he was also right in saying that you CAN’T slow down equality…cuz quite frankly, you can’t! awesome interview – so happy you got a cool blogger like perez to interview with you!

  8. I wish Perez would have gotten the chance to ask his second question, since it’s possible to believe that gays and lesbians are entitled to the same rights, without necessarily believing that they should be allowed to marry. I wonder how Miss California would have responded?

  9. Get it Perez….. an intelligent fight is only won with intelligence, not ignorance. So glad to have you pushing equality.. pretty soon… Equality will be second nature… :) we all hope.

  10. I am finding it difficult to believe that so many people are taking Perez’s side in all this. When did it become so unpopular to actually believe in God in this country? And when did it become so unpopular to actually KNOW what God thinks about things and adopt His way of thinking? I mean, doesn’t it seem wise in the long run, to emulate the One who will someday, like it or not, believe it or not, be judging your life here and how you lived it? Wasn’t it smart to get in good with the popular crowd in high school? Now, all of a sudden, God is dissed because everyone thinks they know better and we’re all to jump on the homo bandwagon to be trendy? Yikes. God has never wavered on His decision toward homosexual behavior – He says they are an abomination in the Old Testament and that they’re worthy of death in Romans 1 in the New Testament. Sorry but I’d rather be popular with Him than with a bunch of people I won’t be seeing for eternity anyway. And just to make sure you understand Him, He is against the act, not the person…the person becomes worthy of death as they persist in the activity after being warned by God that it is abject idolatry. Good for Miss Prejean for speaking up for what’s right for a change and not just wanting to be trendy. Of course Perez slammed her – she’s a Christian. We are hated today by all groups – I think that became obvious through the media during the election. Its actually encouraging to me to continue to speak what’s right according to Him who designed life itself. He doesn’t need your ok or your belief in Him to continue doing what He does.

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