Exclusive: Linday Lohan Introduces Her New Boyfriend to Her Family

The starlet took her new guy Adam Senn to her sister Ali's birthday party.

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Exclusive: Lindsay Lohan Introduces Her New Boyfriend to Her Family

The starlet took her new guy Adam Senn to her sister Ali’s birthday party.

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Lindsay Lohan invited her new boyfriend Adam Senn to meet her entire family at her kid sister Ali‘s 16th birthday party at Abe and Arthur’s restaurant in NYC last night. The family celebrated with a dinner for 10 in a private room of the restaurant and BettyConfidential caught all the action. As we first told you last week, Lindsay and The City star are heating up for the holidays!

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Our eyewitness says that Lindsay has finally moved on from Samantha Ronson, her on/off girlfriend of two years. “Lindsay and Adam were close all night. He had his arm around her, was kissing her and stuck by her side,” the insider says. “Lindsay’s appears to be very skinny these days, but she was glowing. She loves the attention she’s getting from Adam and looked extremely pleased with herself for landing Adam — she had a giant smile on her face!”

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Lindsay’s mom, Dina, her grandmother and brothers were also in the restaurant to celebrate Ali’s birthday, but — as with all things Lohan — it didn’t go smoothly. “Ali and Dina got in a huge fight and Ali stormed off in the middle of the party,” our source reveals. “Someone else kept telling Dina to ‘shut up.’ It was terrible! Lindsay and Adam seemed oblivious to all the drama and kept to themselves in the corner while everyone else dealt with the embarrassing outburst from Ali.”

The family stayed at the restaurant for more than two hours, drinking and dining on a variety of steaks, salads, macaroni & cheese plus birthday treats for Ali. But there was one person who appeared to party harder than the rest. “Dina let loose, drank a lot and was much more messy than Lindsay,” the insider says. “It was shocking.”

Anyway, back to Lindsay and her model boyfriend. “Adam and Lindsay took smoke breaks together away from the family and he was a total gentleman, holding the door open for her and letting her back walk into the restaurant before him,” the insider says. “Eventually everyone left and Adam and Lindsay stayed behind to spend some quiet time together. They were there until well after midnight, just the two of them. They are definitely having a good time together and look very happy together and she’s spending a lot more time in New York than she normally does, just so that she can see him.”

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