Exclusive! Q&A with Kristin Davis

The "Sex and the City 2” star dishes about her famous co-stars, whether we can expect a third movie, body image and an embarrassing Miley Cyrus confession!
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What do SATC fans say to you when they meet you?
I have a lot of people who talk about them or their spouses converting religions. I’ve also had people talk to me about trying to get pregnant and adopting.

How do you take that because that’s not actually your life they’re relating to—it’s Charlotte’s?
I think it’s nice. It’s better than in the beginning of the show. Because of the frank talk about sex, people would come up to me and talk about their sex lives. Now that was uncomfortable!

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Is there talk of a third movie?
Every day someone asks me, “Did you shoot part two and three at the same time?” No, we didn’t. I wish we did! In Arabic (which they spoke where we filmed SATC 2 in Morocco), there’s an expression called “Insha’Allah”. It means God willing. So that’s what the cast says to each other now about the third: “Insha’Allah.” Box office numbers will determine all whether we get the chance to make a third.

How could they be small? SATC fans would love a part 10!
We’d be so, so old. I don’t know if they’d love it or not. But it’s sweet that our fans are so devoted. We never, ever thought the show would be this successful—and be turned into a movie, let alone two. The first time we won a Golden Globe [back in 1999] we were shocked. I’ll never forget seeing all of the famous faces, like Julianne Moore, screaming and cheering for us. I was like, “Oh my God, I can’t believe they even know who we are!” It was shocking!

As an actress, do you think there’s pressure to be thin in Hollywood?
Of course, there’s pressure! I remember in my twenties when I would go in for auditions and I’d be competing with tall, thin, gorgeous model, I’d just sit there in my seat next to them thinking, “Why am I here?” But with age comes wisdom and I eventually realized I have hips and curves and I’m never going to be the thinnest actress—and I don’t want to be. Once I started excepting my body in my thirties, that’s when my career really took off. I think when you’re at peace with yourself, you’re automatically going to be more confident, and that shows.

How do you resist pigging out on junk food on set?
I just don’t go near the craft service table! I eat every three hours or so, mostly proteins, good carbs and veggies, so I won’t ever be too hungry, because that’s when you crack under pressure and want to eat everything in sight.

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0 thoughts on “Exclusive! Q&A with Kristin Davis

  1. She’s a bright, funny woman. I remember watching her on David Letterman not too long ago, and she talked about her drinking problem. She’s been in recovery for years.

  2. That’s so funny about Kim Cattrall not being at all like her character, Samantha. She does it so well!

    Love Kristin Davis. This movie is going to be amazing! Every time a commercial comes on for it, I squeal!

  3. I’ve always felt kind of sorry for Charlotte because in so many episodes of the TV show she came off as being almost too uptight to be one of the SATC girls…but in “real life” I like Kristin almost as much as SJP — she’s just real!

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