I'm Losing It: NO Men Allowed!

This arrticle is a "losing it" moment by Julie Ryan Evans.

I’m Losing It

FAMILY Restrooms are NOT for Single Men

Seriously, step aside and let a pregnant woman pee

-Julie Ryan Evans

I’m Losing It … I’m five and half months – and quite obviously – pregnant. This past weekend during a mall outing I was pushing a large stroller with my son, which was weighed down with a bunch of bulky bags.

Having to pee … pretty much all the time, I know my mall bathrooms – which ones are clean, which are always too crowded or small … which have FAMILY restrooms. So when the need arose, we headed to the nice, clean family restroom at Nordstrom. I checked the door, which was locked, and waited at least five long minutes while trying to keep my tired son occupied. I ASSUMED the single man standing outside the door (the one with NO CHILDREN anywhere!) was waiting for his wife and children inside.

When the door opened and out walked a single male in his late 20s; I was a bit miffed. BUT that was suddenly nothing compared to the afore-mentioned man outside the door who apparently was NOT waiting for his family. Instead, as soon as he heard the door click, he RACED in front of us to also get his turn in the FAMILY restroom. I stood there dumbfounded that he would really try to deny me my right to pee, with a child in tow and another in utero, when the men’s room was MAYBE 50 feet away.

Seriously? Common courtesy, manners, chivalry, respect for the pregnant bladder – nowhere to be seen. Even the ability to read a sign that says FAMILY restroom – nada. And to make matters even worse – he left the freakin’ toilet seat UP!!!

I have just one word for people like this: karma. May your home toilet overflow repeatedly…

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