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FLOWERBYKENZO Winter FlowersArriving at Sephora recently, the Bettys got a sneak peek (or sneak smell rather) of Kenzo’s new limited edition eau de parum, FOWERSBYKENZO WINTER FLOWERS. Described as a powdery, floral scent, it’s inspired by Hellebore rose, native to the mountains of central Europe, and known for its startling blossoms and fragile beauty against a stark winter landscape.

Here’s what our Betty testers thought of this new scent:


Floral and powdery don’t describe the kinds of scents I typically am drawn to; I gravitate toward more natural (think Jo Malone), and sometimes, more masculine-smelling scents (I LOVE good men’s cologne!). So I wasn’t expecting to be drawn to this perfume, but drawn I was. In fact, I’m totally digging it, using it everyday.

It’s not old-ladyish like I imagined at all, but rather young and fresh and feminine – just not in a sickeningly sweet kind of way. It kind of makes me want to start humming “I feel pretty” (you know from The Sound of Music?) with each spritz. Just goes to show that you shouldn’t judge a perfume by its label … only your noses can know for sure. Betty-o-meter rating (on a 5-point scale with 5 being our highest endorsement): 4.5


As far as fragrance goes, I’m about as far from a floral fan as one can get with a few exceptions – mainly tuberose and rose. When I received FLOWERBYKENZO, I was happy to see that it was one for two so I gave it a whirl. The first thing I noticed – before the flowers – was the light, fresh powdery scent. This surprised me because it says “WINTER FLOWERS” right on the box, which led me to expect a headier, stronger, more in-your-face scent. I wore it for most of the morning and found myself enjoying a whiff every now and then, and my husband even said I smelled nice. Although it’s not the perfect perfume for me, I think FLOWERBYKENZO is a great choice for someone looking for a light, sophisticated scent that isn’t overwhelming or overpowering. Betty-o-Meter rating: 3.75


Perfume is a hard thing to review because it’s so personal. My Chanel No. 5 is the next girl’s Pepe le Pew. So, that being said, this particular scent isn’t my cup of tea … I liked it at first sniff but the heavy powdery undertones eventually put me off. The day I received it I had plans with a girlfriend in the city, so I popped it into my bag to offer it to her. Somehow we ended up at an Irish pub at a table full of girls from the Benefit counter at the Bloomies up the street. I offered the bottle to them. They passed it around. It wasn’t a hit. Until one of them loved it, sprayed it all over her arm, and demanded we sniff. I obliged … and darn! It smelled good on her! Go figure.

I love the packaging, I love the name, I love that it’s long-lasting (my treasured J’adore by Dior seems to last for about 35 seconds), and I love the way it smells on that girl from the Benefit counter.

So … 4 stars on the Betty-o-Meter. Just don’t buy it for me for Christmas.

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