Facebook: The Death of Friendships

One woman's friend ended their friendship via Facebook.

I’m Losing It

You’re Ending Our Friendship Over Facebook?

Well then I’m totally going to TP your locker!


unhappy woman on computerLast weekend I had a ginormous fight with one of my closest friends. She laid into me HARD over something she’d thought I’d done. She listed all my faults, both real and imagined, and accused me of being a horrible friend. When it became clear I actually wasn’t guilty of the crappy actions she’d accused me of, she sniffed, “Well, I guess I’m not angry, then.”

No apology, not even the vaguest suggestion of regret. I know she’s been going through a horrible time lately, and so I’ve cut her a lot of slack. We’ve spoken of nothing except her situation for six months or more, but I figured once she got through this last bit, she’d maybe once again ask me a question about me, instead of it being all about her, all the time.

I decided that I needed to step back from her drama. She had really hurt my feelings, and I knew that if I spoke to her, I’d say something I’d never be able to take back. So I didn’t return her phone call right away. I planned to get back to her in a week or so, once I’d had a chance to recover from her unapologetic reaming.

That was until I logged into Facebook the next day. I sometimes feel silly enough having a Facebook page at my age (don’t ask!), but I’ve reconnected with old friends and use it to gather sources, so it does come in handy. I looked through my contacts and realized she wasn’t there anymore. Huh? I thought to myself. That’s weird.

I double-checked. Nope, she was definitely gone. I’d been unfriended! There was no e-mail, no phone call, just a big empty spot where her profile had been. I’d heard of kids getting dumped this way, but I never thought it would happen to me. For one thing, I haven’t been a teenager in a really long time (don’t ask!), but this struck me as something akin to mean-girl cafeteria behavior. I mean, we’re adults! With families! And jobs! Is this really how we’re going to settle things now? Through social un-networking?

It seems crazy. So crazy I may just steal her prom date.

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