Oscar's Fashion Hits and Misses (swinton, witherspoon, streep)

Fashion hits and misses at the 2009 Oscars

Eye on Style

Oscar’s Fashion Hits and Misses


Mean Betty: She looked SO ODD. But then, she’s so odd, perhaps she shouldn’t be judged on regular terms? Maybe wearing a paper bag would have worked if she still had the striking red hair she had in the movie…



Mean Betty: She needs to fire her stylist AND makeup artist. She was totally overpowered by that grim dress, and all that black eyeshadow made her eyes looks so sunken. What a departure from her beautiful yellow sunshine-y look last year!

Reese Witherspoon












Mean Betty: A little bit on the frumpy, dumpy side, but I do give her credit for dressing her age. Maybe adding some color or some bling would have sparked her outfit up a bit. She goes from hippie vixen in Mamma Mia! to nun in the acting spectrum, so who knows what to expect?

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  1. Manicmommy says:

    Love the commentary! So funny to see such diverse opinions! That’s what Betty’s all about! Everyone gets an opinion and THEY ALL MATTER!

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