Feeling Average in a Supermodel World

Carrie Seim tries to feel sexy surrounded by models at a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show party.
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Feeling Average in a Supermodel World

Carrie Seim tries to feel sexy surrounded by models at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show party.

-Carrie Seim

Heidi Klum

“I’m at a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show party!!” I texted my mom last week.

As a purportedly hip bicoastal writer, I’m supposed to appear unimpressed at occasions such as these. I’m supposed to look like I do this sort of thing all the time, that it’s nothing more than a regular Tuesday night for me.

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But despite my “on trend” embellished black skirt, the 4-inch heels I was tottering on and the pleasantly bored expression in which I had fixed my face – inside I was a giggling star-struck tween.

I admit it. I was pretty much OMFG happy to be there. And who else but your mom can you text that to?

The scantily-clad fashion show, airing tonight on CBS, taped a few days ago in New York. The official party I attended took place a stone’s throw from the runway, and although I wasn’t in the audience for the show, I had the pleasure of being surrounded by insanely tall women with insanely perfect figures all night long.

“It’s a 6′ tall skinny women w/ big boobs convention here!” I texted my mom.

To which she responded …. drum roll please….

“With your long arms u will fit right n.”

My long arms??? Wind from sails – gone.

A compliment on your lengthy arms is not exactly what every girl clamors for as a confidence boost. (Although give mom credit for the cool text speak. She’d fit right “n” on Gossip Girl.)

You should know that my mother would never purposely criticize my ample appendages in order to make me feel self-conscious. She honestly meant it as a compliment. And to be fair, I do have crazy long arms. Unfortunately, I’ve always wished my well-endowed body parts fell in a different place. It’s pretty rough when your mom’s the one reminding you of your ungainly proportions WHILE YOU’RE AT A VICTORIA’S SECRET PARTY.

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