Fergie and Josh Reaching for a Baby Bandaid?

Are Fergie and Josh Duhamel reaching for a baby bandaid?
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Fergie and Josh Reaching for a Baby Bandaid?

The danger of trying to have a baby to “save” a marriage

-April Daniels Hussar

Fergie and Josh DuhamelThe first year of marriage is tough – everyone knows that. The excitement of the wedding planning is long fizzled, the princess-for-a-day dress packed away, the bachelor party photos hidden, and the honeymoon … yep, it’s over. Some couples cope with it better than others. And some struggle. By all accounts, Fergie and Josh Duhamel fall into the latter category. Reports have been flying that, a mere six months after walking down the aisle, their made-in-Hollywood marriage is rocky. So why then, are they trying to have a baby?

Yes, it looks like the Black Eyed Pea and her hunky Transformers hubby are reaching for that magical – and nonexistent – Baby Bandaid in an attempt to save their marriage.

Friends of Josh Duhamel tell BettyConfidential.com that he and Fergie are trying to have a baby. Fergie, 34, has admitted that she and Josh, 36, want children, but the time wasn’t right since she was on tour with the Black Eyed Peas. But, now that the tour is ending in October, they have started planning. In fact, Josh is so excited that he recently stopped into the Beverly Hills maternity store A Pea in the Pod. While looking at maternity clothes, he called Fergie on his cell.

“Josh was on the phone with Fergie and laughing while looking at maternity clothes,” says the insider. “He looked like a proud father already! Then, after about 15 minutes, he noticed he was being watched and when the saleswoman asked if he needed help, he quickly said, ‘No, thanks,’ and darted out of the store.”

So what do experts say about the couple’s attempt to put a Pea in Fergie’s Pod so soon after their walk down the aisle? In a nutshell … BAD IDEA!

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0 thoughts on “Fergie and Josh Reaching for a Baby Bandaid?

  1. Why would anyone want to have a baby in an attempt to save a relationship?? If an attempt is needed then you obviously might want to rethink your choice of parenting partner!

  2. Weren’t they fighting over having a baby though, the last article said Josh was waiting for Fergie to leave her party lifestyle and have children, maybe she just decided it was time. The baby could be a good thing and lord knows it would be gorgeous

  3. First of all the national Enquirer says Angie and Brad are breaking up every week! Josh and Fergie have always said they wanted kids. They have been together for FIVE years! Its not like they met a year ago!
    So what if they are planning kids? And BTW the Peas tour is going on longer than Oct!

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