Finding an Old Love on Facebook: Part 2

Part two of Carrie Seim's 'Finding an Old Love on Facebook' blog.

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Finding an Old Love on Facebook: Part 2

Carrie runs into her high school crush … the rest of the story!

-Carrie Seim

A man reaching out of a computer, holding a roseAs I mentioned in my blog last week, I recently had the thrill of running into the Biggest Crush of my High School Existence on Facebook.

I couldn’t believe it when this gorgeous specimen of all that is beautiful in the world appeared in my “Suggested Friends” list on Facebook.

He looked just as ruddy-cheeked and mysterious as I’d remembered. He was still handsome enough to model. Professionally. Not just in my dreams. (Okay, maybe he’d be modeling for J Crew these days instead of Abercrombie, but he was definitely still Zoolander-esque.)

After a few seconds of staring into those eyes that I hadn’t seen since I was 17, I hastily sent him a friend request. Along with an incredibly dorky note over-explaining how I knew him.

As I waited for a response – please, oh, please! – I thought about the funny turns life takes. I’d truly forgotten all about Hans*. But now, by some twist of Facebook fate, he had suddenly been conjured before my very eyes, a long-forgotten dream now suddenly real. And I suddenly recalled the strength of passion seeing his face or hearing his hands on a piano used to inspire in me.

I couldn’t help but indulge in some rom-com imaginings. Maybe I ran across his photo for a reason. Maybe this was some act of wild destiny, that we were meant to stumble across each other after all these years. Maybe we’d end up playing piano duets again … at our wedding.

To my great surprise, Hans wrote me back within a few hours. Yes, he would be my friend! Yes, he thought I looked “terrific!” Yes, he now works as a doctor in Germany!!!

The Germany thing didn’t give me a moment’s pause from my happily ever after musings. Doctors can move! I was sure we would find a way to make this work. And make sweet, sweet, music together again.

I clicked through his profile. There were photos of him looking handsome. Photos of him looking doctor-y. And photos of him with … his wife and child.


Maybe this Facebook fate thing is overrated. Maybe it was better before all this technology, when there was very little chance of running into your long lost childhood playmates and high school crushes. Once upon a time, if you met someone from your forgotten past, it truly was a moment of destiny. And if you never met them again, they were free to live and love deep in your imagination.

*Names have been changed to protect the handsome.

Who was your biggest high school crush?

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0 thoughts on “Finding an Old Love on Facebook: Part 2

  1. Im there with you, I understand 100%. I have been there. A few years back,My old man and I split up for about 8 months. In that time. I ran into my first love, who was also my First everything. We dated for a long time off and on. And I started Dating Rob ( MY Husband ) Right after I left my First love. So my heart stopped. When I ran into Donnie. But then as he spoke to me for a while. I had to remember what it was that kept him in my past. Because he was there for a reason right? So as I was listening to him, Chat about his wife, His soon to be born second child. And so on. I remembered what it was…. He had broken my heart, He slept with my best friend.So I just told him, I was so proud that he found someone he was able to marrie. And I hope that he was happy. Thats when he pulled the O no on me. He said Well I only marryed her, Because you would not talk to me, I have never stopped loving you. And I would give it all up today, For you… Well. I had to tell him. That I was not ready for that. And that I was not sure it was a good Idea. And you know what. Its been three years, And Im back with my Husband. And Happy. So im glad I did not deside to let him back in. IT would of been for the bad. So im lucky that for the first time I put my heart to the side, And used my Brain.
    Patty Mosso

  2. My sister & I recently returned to our home town for my high school reunion…both of our HS Crushes left town when they heard we were coming …..coincidence???

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