Finding Coupons on the Internet

Once you know where to go, let the savings begin!

Coupon Queen

Finding Coupons on the Internet

Once you know where to go, let the savings begin!

-Susan Samtur, Select Coupon Program

When I started refunding and couponing years ago, saving wasn’t as simple as finding coupons on the internet. Everything was a hard copy to be cut from newspapers, magazines, and home mailers. Refund offers were generally posted in the supermarkets and the large drug chains.

But now printable coupons and refund offers are available all of the time on the web, offering cash back, free coupons and much more. I have some favorite sites that offer various coupons, they include: and; they are free but offer a limited selection. My site,, costs $4.95 but provides $25 in coupons of choice per month (lists more than 500 actual manufacturers’ coupons).

Other web site sources are sponsored by the various manufacturers. They offer e-newsletters that are chock-full of savings, recipes, tips, and more printable offers, and require only signing up on the site.

Don’t think saving sites are limited to supermarket items. Give these categories a shot, too: stationery and office supplies (; health and beauty-aid stores ( and for assorted household needs ( To help you navigate, look for the promotion and/or special offers link on each of these sites.

Go to the Refundle Bundle Bulletin Board,  and check for daily postings of more money-saving printable coupons and refund offers. And if you are finding coupons on the internet at other sites, feel free to list them on our bulletin board to share with others; doing so increases everyone’s ability to save. And saving is the name of the game. So start today.

Coupon Tip of the Week
$10.50 in Arm & Hammer product coupons with sign up.


Susan J. Samtur is Editor and Chief and Publisher of Refundle Bundle Magazine started in 1973, and founder of Select Coupon Program, a grocery coupons site. Susan is nationally recognized as the “Coupon Queen” and has been featured on Live with Regis, Today, CNN, Fox & Friends, and Good Morning America. She is the author of the best-selling book, Cashing In at the Checkout – a million-copy seller, as well as two other books.

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  1. These are great ideas. Also, nowadays, if you live in a city, places like CVS or Duane Reade have cards and every time you buy something you get a coupon for something or $5 back after you spend $100.

  2. If you are looking for coupons for ‘specific items’, you are better off not couponing. Just shop sales. My family buys according to the sales and coupon match ups….it doesn’t really work the other way around. My coupon box holds thousands of coupons, in an organized way, and I don’t get rid of them until they expire. But it’s a lot of work to really save.

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