Five Days to a Sexier You

With spring just around the corner, it's time to put a sexy swing back in our steps, and rediscover our seductive selves.
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Five Days to a Sexier You

With spring just around the corner, it’s time to put a sexy swing back in our steps, and rediscover our seductive selves.

-April Daniels Hussar

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It’s nearly time to pull out those strappy sandals and pack away the winter parkas (or burn them in a giant communal bonfire!). With the change in seasons comes the urge to do a little spring cleaning – and some spring flinging. So why not combine the two, focus them on yourself and emerge a sexy new butterfly version of your winter-doldrums self?

Because let’s face it: whether we’re happily married or on the hunt for Mr. Right, planning a wedding or going through a breakup, after a long winter we could all stand to get our sexy back. Here’s a five-day plan guaranteed to help you reconnect your inner siren:

Day 1: Out with the old, in with the new
Before you can let the sexy in, you need to make some space by letting the blah out. Literally cleaning your closets and dressers to make room for a few new fun flirty things will start this week off with a metaphorical bang. Psychotherapist Dr. Toni Galardi, who works with clients to unblock their repressed sexuality, highly recommends this as an essential first step toward feeling more sexy and desirable.

Step 1: Get rid of those sad underthings that make you feel like someone’s spinster auntie. (Yes, keep a couple of “period panties” if you really, really must. But quarantine them.) Step 2: Hightail it to the retail locale of your choosing and stock up on unmentionables that make you feel like the sexy gal you are. Go for pretty, flattering, saucy, sultry; avoid serviceable, boring, beige. There’s no need to spend a fortune here – in fact, you can load up on oodles of undies at Marshals for mere dollars a pop.

Day 2: A little pampering does a body good
We don’t have to tell you about the virtues of mani-pedis, and grooming your legs and bikini lines (or not … whatever floats your boat). Whatever makes you feel pampered and party-ready, just do it. At home or in the spa, those toesies should be posies, and the parts of you that you like to be smooth should be smooth. Make it so.

Oh, but we’re not done. The rest of you needs some attention too!

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9 thoughts on “Five Days to a Sexier You

  1. This needs to be posted all over my house. It’s time to get moving, and you’re right – the first this I need to do is clean out my drawers and closet! (Love your reference to “period panties” because it’s true, we all have ’em in the back of that drawer)

  2. Just did my spring cleaning of my closet and I am so happy I did! I got rid of all the stuff I barely touch or have worn out, and now I have all this room for new clothes and shoes and my favorite pieces now have more breathing room.

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