5 Signs Your Hair Needs A Makeover

Celeb stylist Mark Garrison has simple fixes for good hair gone wrong.
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5 Signs Your Hair Needs A Makeover

Celeb stylist Mark Garrison has simple fixes for good hair gone bad.

-Kristin Larson

Jennifer Aniston

We’ve all been there. Bad cut, bad color—one or both of these seemingly traumatic situations can make you feel like hiding from the world. Look how wonky Jennifer Aniston’s hair looks in the photo, it seems like it’s trying to run away.

Think your hair needs help? Here are the five signs that something is wrong with your ’do. Don’t freak, Mark Garrison, a world-renowned celebrity stylist and the owner of the Mark Garrison salon in New York City, says there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. “A lot of times it just takes a little bit,” says Garrison, who has styled Sandra Bullock’s locks. “Maybe (it’s) a different approach to styling. Even in color, a little shade change or color level makes a huge difference.” Read on for Garrison’s quick at-home solutions for hair dilemmas that’ll keep you looking good until you can visit a salon for a professional fix.

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1. No one compliments your hair—ever.
Your hair needs a new shape or new cut. “It’s either grown out or you need a total update,” says Garrison. To give your hair a new look, use a curling iron or rollers. “Just curl those bad ends to give the hair some shape,” Garrison says. “You can hide a lot with a curling iron. Rollers are also good.”

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19 thoughts on “5 Signs Your Hair Needs A Makeover

  1. uptowngirl says:

    I need these tricks! I’m practically useless when it comes to my hair.

  2. girleegirl says:

    I need to to do my hair more often.

  3. lovesbetty says:

    I’ll go to the salon instead hehe

  4. CityLady212 says:

    Good stuff!

  5. FBNYC says:

    I’ve gotten so lazy about doing my hair. I need an update – color and cut – and then I need to start using some of these tricks!

  6. sugarpie says:

    I definitely need a hair makeover. I’m going to go for a lady gaga look – hehe

  7. FaithSYZ says:

    after i wash my hair. i sleep with it wet/damp, but i never blow dry. the next morning it finger comb in an anti-frizz creme (on the ends first then the roots) and then bio-silk’s hair oil (just on the ends), to give it that shine. through out the day, the creme and oil will infuse into your hair and make it super soft and alive!

  8. danggirl says:

    Wow I’ve never seen Jen Aniston with bad hair! Is this some sort of modern day miracle? Is the end of the world nigh?

  9. jessica03 says:

    i think i need a new hair make over too. I need something new and fresh!

  10. bostongirl says:

    Jennifer’s hair never looks bad. Jeez, what’s with the insults again. Anyway, good advice on what we can do to improve our hair. I would give anything to have Jennifer’s gorgeous hair. Even if she doesn’t have it styled, doesn’t straighten it, etc., her hair looks fantastic. One thing on many actresses today though is that everyone is using extensions. The thing with those from people I know who use them is the extremely expensive upkeep. It can pull your own hair out, just a great deal of pitfalls dealing with that. Not everyone in the world has this long, gorgeous, flowing super thick hair. It’s usually extensions or hair pieces. This stated to me in confidence by my hairdresser. Great hair does exist though. I’ve seen my family, (cousins, aunts) whoever, with such thick hair it looks like a horses tail. That is every womans dream. When my hairdresser does my hair it comes out great, but when I try to reproduce what she did, Yeesh!! nothing like the way she does it. A great hairdresser really makes the difference on cut and color. Products as well. You don’t have to spend a fortune on products either. I had to search everywhere till I found a good hairdresser. Now I’ve been going go her for about 5-6 years. Men, I find are usually the best stylists. I’m not sure why, but from experiences in the past, they really are great. My hairdresser happens to be fantastic. A rare find. Here in Vegas she does a great deal of stars hair for various occasions. Interestng. She always knows the best styles and products and she’s never steered me in the wrong direction. I feel Jennifer’s stylist, Chris McMillan, is fantastic. Her hair is gorgeous. What cany you say? It just is. Definite hair envy there.

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  14. kathy says:

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  15. kathy says:

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  16. sadfsadf says:

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  17. Angela says:

    A ton of times it just takes a tad bit, says Garrison, who has styled sandra bullock's locks. An alternate way to deal with styling. Indeed, even in shading, a little shade change or shading level has a colossal effect.

  18. A little shade change or shading level has an immense effect. Perused on for battalions snappy at home answers for hair predicaments that'll keep you looking great until you can visit a salon for an expert fix.

  19. maya665 says:

    I need that too to my hair :)
    girls take a look at this site I really like it too !

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