The Five Best Places for Single Women!

Single? Head to Alaska or one of these other great spots!

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The Best Place to Be a Single Gal: Alaska!

The five best places for single women

-Jill Jordan and The Bettys

happy coupleWe’ve all heard how hard it is to find Mr. Right in New York City (hey, wasn’t there a whole show dedicated to that?), so we decided to find out the best places to be a single gal in America. And – at the very top of our list – ALASKA!

In a nutshell, here’s why: Alaska has 114 men for every 100 single women, according to the U.S. Census. Now those are odds we like!

Elissa Olin currently lives in Brooklyn, New York, but she and Bill Hauser, her boyfriend of three years, have an Alaskan love story. They met years ago in Anchorage, where Elissa, fresh out of grad school, had started a theater conservatory with a group of friends. Bill was one of her favorite students – and years later, they met by chance again at an event in New York. “I know you from Alaska,” he declared. And the rest is history …

Elissa laughs when she says that it “seems like there are about nine men for every one woman in Alaska.” She adds, “There are definitely a lot of guys. And they’re on the prowl from very early in life!”

Bill, himself an native of Alaska, moved out of the state after high-school, but returned often to visit friends and family. He recalls about his dating prospects: “On a given weeknight, zero attractive and available women were to be found at any establishment serving booze … As far as I could tell, all the attractive women in Anchorage were either already taken or under the age of 18, which wasn’t an option.”

Not convinced? Bill continues: “A normal night meeting women in Anchorage (if not at the strip joint), was going to a lounge, ale house, or meat market on a weekend, and then trying to swim upstream against the current of other men already hitting on her. It seemed as though the seemingly available woman was more amused than anything, since she either already had a boyfriend or just liked taking her time to pick the best man out of the five already surrounding her.

Of course it takes a certain kind of woman to brave the unknown territory of Alaska. (After all, it is right next door to Russia, right, Governor Palin?) According to Elissa, the old joke is that people move to Alaska for two reasons – because they love the wilderness or because they can’t survive life in the Lower 48.

Writer Maria Finn, who lived in Homer, Alaska, for several years, concurs. “The old saying about men in Alaska is ‘The odds are good, but the goods are odd.'” She warns that though there are plenty of men, they may be a bit more rough around the edges than us wimpy Lower 48 ladies might be used to.

However, as Elissa points out, “there’s a full fountain of men” … so you’ll have plenty to choose from. And who doesn’t like a little variety in life?

Granted, there has to be more than a bounty of available men to make a place attractive. Ruth Rosewarne of the Alaska Railroad  traveled to Alaska fifteen years ago for a summer job … she loved it so much, she never left! Ruth says people may be surprised to hear there’s a lot of culture and art in Alaska, not to mention the great job market, unsurpassable natural beauty, and a never-ending supply of outdoor activities and groups.

According to Ruth, Alaska “attracts a certain type of person.” She explains, “There’s not as much fakeness … You tend to find a more sincere person here.” Ruth has met people from all over the world who have come to Alaska because they all share a sense of adventure and excitement about being off the grid. Ruth uses the Alaska Men magazineword “magical” to describe her adopted homeland – it certainly sounds that way.

So, where to start? There’s the “cool” town of Homer, the big city of Anchorage, and who could forget Wasilla? If you’d like to browse through the collection of available guys before you head north, there’s even a magazine called Alaska Men – sort of a Boys-R-Us catalog. Enjoy!

Betty’s Runner-Up Best Places to Be a Single Gal:

#2: San Francisco

As a San Francisco native, Betty writer Jill Jordan knows how fabulous the dating life is in the city by the Bay. Forbes agrees and ranked San Francisco as the second best spot for singles. It’s a city full of possibilities, Jill says.

“One day can find you clinging to an artsy boho type as you speed through the city on his Vespa, and the next might see you sipping a Bordeaux at Chez Panisse with a rumpled but cute tech millionaire. And if you’ve ever pondered dabbling in same-sex experimentation, this is your city. There’s an array of diversity and acceptance here, so there’s little chance of a strike out.”

#3: Honolulu

Surfers, cocktails that come dressed in umbrellas, and of course that romantic island sunset – who doesn’t want to take a trip to Hawaii at least once in her life? Sperling’s BestPlaces researched the best dating cities, and Honolulu made in into the top 10. Sunny beaches and half-naked surfer boys. What more could a girl ask for?

#4: Las Vegas

They don’t say, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” for nothing. If you’re looking to spice up your love life – if only for one night – Vegas is your kind of town. Check out the hotties on Sunday afternoon at ReHab, then relax with a manicure and a martini at Beauty Bar, or kick it old school with flaming drinks and dudes as old as your dad at the tried-and-true Peppermill Lounge. You might not meet Mr. Right in Vegas, but chances are, you’ll stumble across plenty of Mr. Right Nows.

#5: Atlanta

Forbes ranked Atlanta – or Hotlanta, as the natives call it – number one in coolness, the cost of living single, culture, job growth, online dating, nightlife, and sheer number of singles. Add those sexy stats to those sexy southern accents and you’ve got one hotbed of hotties!

So for all you sexy singles looking for adventure, it’s time to hit the road!

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6 thoughts on “The Five Best Places for Single Women!

  1. Wow…I have to disagree with this article! It paints a fairytale picture of Alaska based on ONE love story! I’ve lived in Alaska for 8 years and it is NOT all peachy-keen when meeting guys. Some of the guys I’ve met up here have their fair share of issues…and there ARE fakes, players, etc. up here…just as anywhere else. Not everyone is “sincere.”

    Some people come here to “escape” things…something bad they did elsewhere, trying to escape their own personal demons, etc. To move to the sub-Arctic, just to find a man…uh…can we say ultra-desperate?! NO ONE in my opinion should just move somewhere for the sole purpose of hoping to find a man there, or you may be sorely disappointed and you could wind up dead in a place such as this. It’s rumored to have one of the highest amounts of sex offenders in the nation…that’s just what I’ve heard. And there are A LOT of people here with drinking problems (drunk driving is one of the #1 causes of death here). This is not a place for the faint-hearted…people come here knowing NOTHING of Alaska but the fantasy portrayed in articles like these and they wind up freezing to death, getting mauled by a bear, or being just plain disappointed and miserable once winter hits because they don’t even learn what this place is REALLY like to live in.

    Do you like below zero temperatures and high winds? Do you like tons of mosquitoes? And many guys that live here DON’T want to leave, so don’t think you may meet your dream man here, and that he’ll want to leave and come back to your home state with you. The cost of living is also higher here. There are MANY factors to take into consideration!

    This is not some fairytale fantasy land where you’re definitely going to meet your knight in shining armor! If you’re that dependent upon finding a man to give you happiness, then Alaska may not be the place to find that man, for men up here can tend to be really independent and into doing A LOT of outdoor activities that you may not be into. They’re not into dependent women in most cases. A lot of guys here work jobs where they may not even be home for weeks at time or more, and where they have to work long hours most of the Summer/Fall. Does that sound like fun to you? Not even hardly having your boyfriend around in the warmer months?

    I’m not trying to bash Alaska…it’s a beautiful place with lots to see and do, but it has plenty of hardships at times and all I’m saying is a word of caution to those that come here without really knowing what they’re getting into! Articles like these are very misleading and I highly disapprove of it…chalking this place up to be some wonderful man-filled island…puh-lease! The men here aren’t any better than anywhere else…in fact, I find that many of the younger guys are in fact commitment-phobes!

    Also, the saying isn’t “The odds are good, but the goods are odd”…what I have heard is, “The odds are good that the goods ARE odd.” Meaning that chances are, the people you meet, are probably going to be a little odd…either way, the saying pretty much means that..and that is true…there ARE odd folk up here…and the men walk to their OWN tune…I mean, hey, how many people want to make the sub-Arctic their home, ya know? You may meet many men up here, but they MAY NOT be the type of men you’re looking for!

    Lastly, Wasilla is not some shiny town…meth is a big problem there and there’s a lot of creeps in that town. I know, I lived there.

    You should watch what you print when you’re not even going to tell the whole story and base your article on ONE love story.

    Yes, if you’re looking for an Alaskan man, I would say to try to meet one through the Alaska Men magazine or through online dating…where you can take the time to really get to know someone before doing anything drastic like moving here!

    Good luck everyone! 😉

  2. thanks, scorpio for that reality based assessment. let me offer one for san francisco. san francisco is a horrible place to be a single woman. one simple surprisingly often overlooked fact: we have a lot of single men. guess what? a very large number of them are gay. why is this seemingly common knowledge fact so often ignored by these silly rating sites? there are so many successful, attractive, fun women here who have been single for many years because there are very, very few interesting, fun, attractive straight males.

  3. Ottawa is a horrible place to be a single woman. Its the richest city in all of Canada. There are 88000 people making 150000 or more a year in govt jobs for life. There are many cultures. Most of the m en are not that great looking from my point of view they seem quite immature. The minority men I have no interest in as they stick to their own race and there are some I would never date such as men from india or African nations as the culture is too different and it will not pan out, although I do find the arab men intregueing they are more romantic and very giving and generous from the local men here. But you cant judge all white men the same its just the men in this part of the country are very different in their mentality (so are the women actually). Most wont even date you until you own a home, have 150000 a year job and a new car and a cottage so when they find out Im not one of these people it ends rather quickly! I want someone to love me just the way I am at this moment…..

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