Flogging the Agony Aunts: Nov.1, 2008

A breakdown of the week's worst relationship advice for November 1, 2008.

Advice Roundup

The Week’s Worst Relationship Advice: Nov.1, 2008

What were they thinking?

-Judy McGuire

lazy man in bedThough Cary Tennis’s advice that a woman who is intimidated by attractive men carry around a stack of conversation-starter flash cards was supremely stupid, Dan Savage’s advice this week is even worse.

Dan hears from a woman whose boyfriend just moved into her apartment. Over the course of unpacking, she noticed an empty Sprite bottle in their bedroom. Not wanting to mommy him, she correctly left it there for him to clean up. The next time she saw the one-liter bottle it had miraculously been filled. With urine. Turns out that the bathroom is too far a trek in the middle of the night, so he simply pees in a Sprite bottle by the side of the bed! WTH!?!

Then he collects it until the liter bottle is full! The letter writer gives us no reason to believe that this guy is in any way disabled. Her only other complaint is that he’s a bit messy.

Dan compares his urine-hoarding to peeing in the shower and basically thinks the writer should get over it because it’s not unusual behavior. Um, yeah, it is. Having a pee in the shower, while water is running and soap is being used is a far cry from a storing a liter of urine next to the bed.

At best, this guy is the most supremely lazy person I have ever heard of. At worst, this guy has serious mental problems. Either way, she’s picked herself a winner. This chick is going to end up either following him around with a mop or having an aneurysm from yelling at him so much. I mean, how big is their apartment that the bathroom is too far? And how good could their sex life be if he’s too lazy to pee in the toilet and can’t be bothered to dump the bottle after it’s full? (Eww!) Let me guess – she’s always on top and he never goes downtown.

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