Flogging the Agony: October 13, 2008

A breakdown of this week's worst relationship advice.

Advice Roundup

Flogging the Agony Aunts: October 13, 2008

The week’s worst relationship advice

-Judy McGuire

lipstick stain on a white dress shirtMaybe I expect more from people than the Washington Post‘s Carolyn Hax, but when she only half-sides with a woman who’s pissed off that the an old friend is remaining close with both the boyfriend who cheated on her and his new girlfriend who kept harassing her over the phone, I feel like that’s underkill.

It’s not enough that the new girlfriend gets her guy, but she has to then torture this woman? I’ll never understand why cheaters and their new partners have to loathe the ex, but I guess it has something to do with reducing their guilt. After all, if they can turn the ex into an enemy, then their actions weren’t so bad. By continuing to pal around with them, the woman’s friend is condoning their shitty behavior.

Perhaps I’m a hardass, but I feel the writer should call her friend on her lack of loyalty and decency and then delete her from her life. A real friend wouldn’t put her in this position.

Dear Abby is also a wuss this week!

The letter writer is a woman whose teenage stepson molested her young daughter. The molester’s father – her husband – is a big drunk, and completely enabled his kid, defending him and sending him money while he was in prison. The LW thankfully ditched her a*hole husband and is trying to move on. She’s upset because her ex doesn’t fully fathom why she broke up with him. Abby high-fives her for making the move, but doesn’t even touch on the fact that molesters generally learn that behavior somewhere. Does it not occur to her that the drunken ex might be a molester himself? Yikes. That’s Advice Columnist 101 and I expect better from the Queen of the Agony Aunts.

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