Flogging the Agony: September 22, 2008

This is the advice roundup for the week of 9/22/08

Advice Roundup

Flogging the Agony Aunts: September 22, 2008

The week’s worst advice

-Judy McGuire

Surprised WomanPart of being an advice columnist is knowing when to break out the bitchslap. This first part of the week’s worst advice isn’t so much bad advice, but lily-livered delivery.

Columnist Carolyn Hax hears from a young man whose manties are in a twist because his girlfriend attended a wedding without him. A wedding he wasn’t invited to, but several of girlfriend’s exes were. He thought his girlfriend should pressure the bride to invite him as well. Carolyn’s advice is that he was wrong about pressuring the bride for an invite and that if he doesn’t trust his girlfriend, maybe he shouldn’t be with her.

What Carolyn misses is that he’s been this chick’s boyfriend for two years and her good friend chose not to invite him to her wedding. This says to me that the friend doesn’t like him and from the sound of his letter, he doesn’t sound very likeable. Carolyn should’ve told him to man up and quit being such a clingy little beeyotch.

The second contender for worst advice given comes from syndicated columnist, Dan Savage. This week a woman writes in, wondering if it’s possible for a man to insert his balls into a lady’s vadge. She’s wondering because a guy she was seeing asked if he could do that and her answer was “what?!” Because she’d never heard of doing such a thing before. The gall of her to question his balls sends Savage into one of his all-too-frequent tizzies. “Maybe he was ‘the one,’ but your reaction to his kink prompted him to go off in search of more indulgent, less-sex-negative partners,” he practically yelps off the page.

Sorry, Dan, but replying with a “what” to an odd request hardly makes one sex-negative. It’s a legitimate question – it’s not like she shrieked, “get off me, freak.” She just asked about it, because she’d never fielded that particular request before. A good pervert is well-aware that they’re a little freaky and should have a thicker skin and more sense than to be put off by a question.

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