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Why not enjoy the benefits of the 'work husband'?

One Betty’s Opinion

In Defense of the Work Husband

He’s not the competition some would think

-Megan Southwick

happy coupleEveryone but EVERYONE these days is commenting on the work-spouse trend – as if it’s a new thing, come from the Devil himself to destroy us all.

Work spouses encourage infidelity and too easily turn into full-blown affairs. Work spouses cause unnecessary drama at work.

Work spouses create confusion on both sides.

Boundaries are blurred. Things get too personal.

Jealousies arise. It’s just not professional.


I stand with both feet planted firmly on the side of the work husband (or work wife, as the case may be).

Unless you are simply unable to divide work from personal and are determined to turn a platonic relationship into a romantic one, there is no reason not to enjoy the benefits of the work husband!

He might be your cubicle mate, your office neighbor or the guy down the hall that you just go to lunch with every day. He’s an ally – someone to bounce ideas off of, someone who will review your reports and not be afraid to tell you the truth. He’s the guy you can go to lunch with every day, get coffee with, IM with to pass the time.

Developing close ties to people you work with is vital to your enjoyment and even your performance at your job. How likely are you to stay at a job when you feel no connection with those you work with, or worse, with those you don’t like? You spend half of your waking life with these people, so there has to be some benefit beyond a paycheck. Often, that benefit is the relationships we develop with our coworkers, both male and female, flirtatious and platonic.

In most cases, it’s a completely harmless relationship. And here’s the thing: If the other person in this relationship were a woman, like you, we wouldn’t even be having this conversation, because everyone would be calling you what you are: friends.

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