Free Weight Loss

The do's and don'ts of watching your waistline while keeping an eye on your budget

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Free Weight Loss

Watching your waistline while keeping an eye on your budget

-Susan Crandell

scaleYou can spend a little or a lot to shed some unwanted pounds this swimsuit season. These days, free weight loss ideas–or those that cost just a little–are sounding better and better. Here are the things to consider when devising your weight-loss plan.

Don’t rely on supplements. Supplements that promise to aid in weight loss will definitely add to the cost of your diet, they may not add to your success, and some have been proven to be downright dangerous. Instead, get back to basics and a do-it-yourself approach.

Go local. Check out weight-loss support groups at your YMCA, local library or community center, which should be cheap–or even free.

Try the buddy system. Start a weight-loss plan with a few friends. You can share recipes, cheer each other on and hold each other accountable.

Surf for recipes. Look for low-calorie recipes online. The Food Network has a list of 100.  has low-cal recipes elegant enough for entertaining.

Shop smart. To avoid impulse buys, never go to the supermarket without a list. Shop the circular or the supermarket web site before you go to the store, and plan meals around what’s on sale that week. Fresh produce is a costly part of a healthy diet, so check out what’s on special.

Use coupons. But be careful that they really represent savings, not an excuse to buy expensive packaged foods. has hundreds of printable coupons online; also check out  and

Burn calories for free. You don’t need a gym membership to boost your metabolism. Housework can burn 200 calories an hour, lawn mowing 300 plus. Walking, hiking and cycling are other no-charge calorie expenders.

For more moneysaving fitness and grocery-shopping tips, check out: Cheapskate Workouts and Coupon Queen: “I Saved $211”

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0 thoughts on “Free Weight Loss

  1. This idea of a buddy-system is a good one! I know I’d be more motivated if I was working on a common goal with a friend in a similar situation.

    Now if only someone would PAY me to get in shape — that would work!

  2. Yes- the supplements made me sick too! I tried Hydroxycut.

    Great ideas! There are so many cheap ways to lose weight – and if you need a little extra help, Sensei for Weight Loss (the article sponsor) is a great, motivational program.

  3. I’ve tried supplements as well. The only one that ever worked was Herbal Life, and that was back in the day before they took out the ingriedent that helped you lose weight.

  4. Trying to diet with friends is always a wash! Everytime I have, one gives up and ends up trying to convince you to order some fatty food at the restaurant. Best to go it alone and stick to your convictions.

  5. The diet industry is huge. Look at all the pages on the Internet that claim this and that for free. But Don’t be fooled, they usually have a catch somewhere.

  6. The go-local idea is a good one. Also check out books from the library, that’s always a help since there’s so many diet books out there in the universe.

  7. You don’t need to spend ANY extra money to lose weight. I recently lost 20 lbs., and all I did was brown bag a reasonable lunch, eat breakfast at home, bring healthy snacks to work and exercise outdoors with my dog. She needs to be walked, after all. :)

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