Friend or Frenemy? Helps You Spot Your True Pals

An in-depth look at the book 'Friend or Frenemy?'

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Friend or Frenemy?

Friend or Frenemy?A guide to the friends you need and the ones you don’t

-Stephanie Elliot

When Friend or Frenemy? came across my desk, I was hooked at the title.

We all have friends, and like it or not, you know we’ve all got our frenemies too! These are the chicks we pretend to like because of either proximity or life instances that make it difficult to be anything other than friends with the person. These are the people that it’s easier to just be a friend with than to not be a friend.

If only it was easy to just say to a frenemy, “Hey, look, you know we don’t like each other, why the hell are we pretending? Can’t we just say hi when we see each other and let that be well enough?”

Here’s co-author Andrea Lavinthal taking it to the streets to ask what women think about their friends:

Authors Andrea Lavinthal and Jessica Rozler have come up with the book to help you navigate your way through all types of situations to figure out who your friends (and frenemies) really are!

With hilarious chapters such as “Like Kissing Your Brother” (Can you really be friends with a guy?) to “Because Like Paula Abdul Said, Opposites Attract” (which includes lists of famous unlikely friendships – Michael Jackson and … who are we kidding … Michael and ANYONE, and fantasy opposite friendships – Paris and Bono?) to the intricacies of office friendships and balancing friendships when you’re a couple, Friend or Frenemy will have you rethinking every relationship you’ve ever had, and quite possibly calling up some old girlfriends to rekindle those friendships that have dwindled away.

Check out Friend or Frenemy? This handy guidebook makes a great gift for, yep, you guessed it, all your friends. You can even give a copy to a frenemy, and maybe she’ll get the hint!

Check out the Friend or Frenemy Web site for more info on this great book!

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  1. I think the whole Frenemy thing is such a delicate and awkward relationship. I’ve noticed that with the people I know, the Frenemy relationship is not an issue unless he or she is around. So it never really needs to be addressed, because it can potentially blow up into something more. So not the drama!

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