Finally, Violet's Sister Gets a Name

Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck Name Their Second Daughter


Finally, Violet’s Sister Gets a Name

I’m just glad they didn’t steal mine

-Julie Ryan Evans

Last Thursday Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck welcomed their second daughter into the world. And while a cheer of congratulations went out to the well-loved family, a lingering question remained – what is her name?

For almost a week now the internet has been abuzz with musings, guesses, suggestions and downright impatience. When will they tell us her name?!

I have been particularly irritated by the withholding of this important information, because naming my own daughter, due in just days now, has been such a monumental task. As soon as I heard that Jen beat me to the birth, I’ve been struck by panic that the famous family was going to steal the name on which my husband and I FINALLY decided.

I’ve watched the gossip sites like a hawk, set Google alerts and have put friends on the job to track down the first hint of naming news. And with each day that passed without an announcement, I had more nightmares – that they would release OUR name, and then when we announced our daughter’s name, we’d be hit with “Oh, did you know Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck just named their daughter that too?” over and over and over again. We would be deemed copy cats; they’d steal our thunder. Would even be able to still use the name?!

Forget the fact, that the majority of our friends and family could care less what the Garner-Affleck’s baby name is – if they even know who they are; I’m very pregnant, and I’ll stress over what I want to – rational or not.

Much to my relief, however, they released their daughter’s name last night. According to, Violet’s new sister is ……… Seraphina Rose Elizabeth. Not even close to our chosen name, hooray!

While it’s not a name I would have chosen (obviously), it’s pretty; and it’s not wacky, made-up-sounding and outlandish like a lot of Hollywood’s baby names – thank God! And really, if she’s as cute as Violet, who cares what her name is anyway … as long as it isn’t mine.

So what do you think of the name they chose?

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  1. Why in the heck are people giving their kids like a zillion trillion names these days — she’s got TWO middle names? SO when she gets in trouble, they have to yell: SERAPHINAROSEELIZABETH GET YOUR BUTT IN HERE! That’s a nine syllable call out for bad behavior! Say it out loud with me!

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