Gay Storyline Absent from Valentine's Day Trailer

Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane play a couple in the film, but you won't see that in the trailer!

Gay Storyline Absent from Valentine’s Day Trailer

Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane play a couple in the film, but you won’t see that in the trailer!

-Kathryn H. Cusimano

Valentine's Day

The star-studded film Valentine’s Day seems to embrace many different kinds of love, from first crushes to best friends, but the film’s trailer leaves one particular romance out.

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Though the film includes a romance between two men, played by Bradley Cooper and Eric Dane (better known as McSteamy from Grey’s Anatomy, of course), the trailer doesn’t even hint at this particular relationship.

Bradley Cooper is only shown in the trailer in his scenes with Julia Roberts, in which the pair sit together on an airplane. In fact, when we first see them exchange grins on the plane, a narrator says, “Where there’s always a chance for romance” over the scene.

Eric Dane hardly makes it into the trailer at all, while the trailer seems to set up a romance between Bradley Cooper and Julia Roberts’ characters.

Do you think producers are trying to hide the gay storyline?  Go to PopEater for more on this story. (PopEater)

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0 thoughts on “Gay Storyline Absent from Valentine's Day Trailer

  1. Hmmm. Why would they put it in the movie and then try to hide it? But then why not put it in the trailer? To give us something to be surprised about maybe? I don’t know. Seems weird.

  2. Bradley Cooper was one of the most admired cast of Valentines’ day. There seems to be a never ending amount of buzz about this guy Bradley Cooper. He hasn’t been in that many movies, and most of them are the run of the mill comedies. That said, he’s probably more famous at this point for dating Renee Zellwegger for the last couple of months, supposedly they’re engaged, supposedly she’s pregnant and NEITHER OF THEM have been in a movie worth watching. Who cares? I’d get payday loans to come up with the cash to pay off the right tabloids to never hear of either of them again.

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