Genetic Testing for Children

Will you genetically test your child to see which sport might fit them best?


Are You Raising the Next Michael Phelps, Serena Williams or Usain Bolt?

Genetic testing to see which sport might fit your child best … for real!?

-Stephanie Elliot

Usain BoltThis is just wrong. Completely totally utterly wrong. Now they’re swabbing infants, toddlers and young kids to see what sport they might be best genetically built to play? Come on!

The New York Times recently reported that a new genetic test is being conducted in order to determine whether your precious little one could be the next Michael Phelps (swimming?), Usain Bolt (track?) or Serena Williams (tennis?)

One mom who was quoted in The New York Times article says that peer pressure probably will cause parents to get the testing done, and she worries that what if her son could be a pro football player and she doesn’t know it?

Excuse me?

Of course you’re not going to know this when your child is 8 or younger, the ages of the children undergoing this testing.

Michael PhelpsI know exactly which type of parent this is going to appeal to. The moms and dads who are sitting in the stands yelling at little Johnny to run harder and faster, to swing at anything that even looks close, steal second base, don’t let anything get past ya, and then tells their poor kid that yes, winning IS everything. The parents who yell at the coaches and the umpires and referees that their child was not at fault are going to LOVE this test. The parents who drive their kids to succeed and who never let their children play a sport for the sake of playing a sport are going to line up to get this test done. And I am cringing at the thought of this, and I’m fearing for these kids, because this is just another way to take the fun out of the sport for the little guys.

Whatever happened to just letting your child try an activity he might be interested in because it looks fun, or wanting to play on a team his best friend is playing on?

Why does everything have to be so COMPETITIVE?

Serena WilliamsMy own daughter has tried softball, swimming, gymnastics, dancing, singing and soccer. Next up on the list is basketball, and if that doesn’t work out, we’ll try volleyball. She hated Brownies. She tried the Literature Club but gave that up because, while she loves to read, she wasn’t interested in the books that were on their reading list. She hasn’t liked anything yet that she has tried. But she’s tried them. And I’m not swabbing her to see what she’s genetically designed to do! I’m going to do it the old-fashioned way, and let her figure it out for herself!

And what’s next, after we swab ‘em to see what sport they’ll most likely be genetically programmed to play? Should we then swab ‘em to see where they should shop for their clothes? What cuisine they are most likely to favor? What type of mate they’re most likely to match with to procreate?

I’m tired of science getting in the way of letting my children be what they are supposed to be … CHILDREN!

How do you feel about genetically testing children to see what type of sport they’d be best able to play?

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