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A woman seeks advice about whether or not she should go back to school to get an MBA.

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Dear Michele,

I am thinking about going back to school. I have a bachelors degree and would like to get an MBA from a top US school. I have a good job, meaning I like what I do and I think it will keep me motivated for a couple of years. But I will outgrow it. I am concerned about my future and don’t want to be stuck in a career rut in a couple of years. But just the application process and getting into a top MBA school itself it so daunting that I don’t know how to go about it. Please advise.

— The Schoolgirl Wannabe

Dear Wannabe,

Whenever you consider further education, it’s really important to ask yourself “why?” Why go to school? Why now? Why an MBA? What’s the endgame you hope to achieve by holding that degree? Honestly, to undertake the commitment and sacrifice that getting an MBA will require, you’ve gotta feel some pain where you are right this minute. Doesn’t sound like you’re in a ton of pain in your current job, although you have an awareness that someday you just might, possibly outgrow the job. Is that enough to push you through the MBA process?

Take some time and sketch out your vision for your future and the role an MBA would play in that future — then you’ll know if it’s the right step for you. By clearly stating your vision, you’ll also figure out which schools will be right for you because you’ll know exactly what you want to study.

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