How My Mom Gloria Allred Tried to Help Octomom, and the Ensuing Octo-Bomb

The truth about Nadya Suleman, from Gloria Allred's daughter, Lisa Bloom

Betty Exclusive!


The explosive details about what is really going on, revealed by Allred’s daughter, Lisa Bloom

Octomom Gloria AllredA month ago, the Octomom story exploded. Nadya Suleman had given birth to eight babies, though she already had six little ones at home under age 7. Pundits tsk-tsked on cable TV that she and Octo-docto were irresponsible to bring all these new babies into a single parent home when Suleman had no job, no income, no, as we used to say, visible means of support.

I should know. I am one of those pundits.

Nightly, we wrung our hands. She expected the taxpayers to support her baby-aholism! She could not possibly care for her brood! There was no good outcome!

Unbeknownst to me and my comrades in commentary, quietly working towards a practical solution was none other than my Uni-Mom, feminist attorney Gloria Allred. (I’m her only kid. One genius is enough, she always says. “When the first one is perfect, why would you need more?” I love her too.)

Angels in Waiting, a nonprofit group that provides nursing care to medically fragile infants, offered Suleman help with the babies when they were released from Kaiser Permanente Hospital. Suleman ignored their letter. Angels contacted Mom, who made the offer publicly.

When I asked her why she got involved in this mess, Mom said to me, “Because Angels in Waiting contacted me, and I thought they had a good solution.” It was simple as that.

Except that Suleman blew them off. Then Dr. Phil got involved to broker a deal.

A week after the agreement was reached, I’m in the CNN green room getting ready to talk when an intern tells me Octomom has called the police on my Mom. Mom’s fine–as she always is–but I asked her, what is the inside scoop on what went down between you and Octomom?

Call it irreconcilable differences.

Problem #1: Octo seemed far more concerned with getting her face on TV than having face time with her infants. Mom says that Suleman foolishly blogged about the first babies’ coming-home date. “This resulted in a foreseeable frenzy of hundreds of media and onlookers coming to her home for the expected arrival.” The problem was not just that we’d all have to see Octo’s surely surgically-altered-to-look-creepily-like-Angelina-Jolie face on the news again–it was far worse.

“Media was permitted to set up dirty camera and lighting equipment, electrical cords, and audio equipment inside the very small nursery that held the cribs and rocking chair. The nursery had been sanitized by the nurse for the benefit of the high-risk premature babies, but the presence of the media and their reporters, producers, camera and audio personnel and others changed all of that immediately for the worse. It substantially increased the possibility of infection for these precious little babies, and the loud noises, shouting and decision to have talent also hold and feed the babies increased the risk of harm to them emotionally and physically.”

(“Talent,” by the way, refers to people like me. We don’t twirl batons or do arabesques on ice skates. It’s just a TV word for people who work in front of the cameras.)

Mom says that for Suleman, it was cameras first, babies second.

“At one point, Angels Nurse Linda West-Conforti tried to rescue one of the babies in the garage and remove the infant from the car seat after the paparazzi swarmed the car, and after a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot had gone off. Instead of being permitted to rescue the infant and being thanked for putting herself in peril to rescue the baby, she was told to ‘get out of the shot.’ Also later in the nursery, when one infant regurgitated some milk, another nurse was temporarily blocked from assisting the infant who needed suctioning–all so that a taping of Nadya’s feedings would not be interrupted.”

It was all for show, says Mom. “The babies appeared to be treated as props after their feeding. Nadya handed them off to the nurse to be cared for while she slept all night.” Octo had little interest in the babies unless the cameras were rolling, Mom says. For several days the nurses asked Suleman to bathe one baby, and finally they gave up asking and did it themselves.

Security was also a concern to my mom, because looky-loos were coming by and even attempting to come in to the house. Suleman refused to pay for any security from her newfound mystery money (presumably made from selling interviews and baby pictures), though she was having a new Jacuzzi tub and dishwasher installed. When she was told that a celebrity stalker might attempt to abduct a now-famous Octo-baby, she said only, “You’re scaring me!”

Nannies who had tested positive for TB were allowed, coughing and maskless, into the home by Suleman. Suleman’s attorney was out of control, screaming and threatening Mom and the nurses, banging his fist on the walls, Mom says.

Angels nurses are mandatory reporters, and they complained to child protective services about Suleman’s failure to care for and protect her children. Suleman then fired Angels and Mom, and demanded they leave the house forthwith.

Who will care for all these kids now? I asked. How can Suleman possibly change all the diapers, bathe them, talk to them, feed them, and care for her other young kids, including three disabled children?

Mom says: “Nadya has decided to have Kaiser Permanente care for her babies. In other words, she has apparently made a conscious decision to put the burden of her babies’ care on the taxpayers, since her lawyer has conceded publicly that Kaiser nurses will most likely have to bill Medi-Cal. Further Kaiser nurses and doctors will be silenced and not be permitted to speak publicly about the specifics of the care that Nadya gives or fails to give to her babies.”

Will this cause a public furor comparable to the pitchfork madness of taxpayer-funded AIG bonuses? But wait, Nadya gets free nursing care either way. What’s in this for her?

Mom explains: “This is advantageous to Nadya and her lawyer since the public will only be told their side and will not be able to get all of the facts as they could if Nadya had kept her agreement with AIW and Dr. Phil to allow supportive care by AIW, and complete transparency by permitting Linda [West-Conforti] to speak.”

My mom, Gloria Allred, wonders, “What are they trying to hide and why?”

The Octo-saga continues. My mom, Gloria Allred, doesn’t give up. I have a strong suspicion there is more to come with Mom and Octomom. And as it unfolds, I’ll be there dutifully discussing the details of the tick-tick-ticking Octo-bomb.

Lisa BloomLisa Bloom hosts “Lisa Bloom Open Court” daily on the legal network, In Session, on truTV 9-11 a.m., and is a CBS News Legal Analyst. She is the daughter of feminist lawyer Gloria Allred. (For real.)


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0 thoughts on “How My Mom Gloria Allred Tried to Help Octomom, and the Ensuing Octo-Bomb

  1. Such a mess. I will be relieved when someone steps in and gets those babies into quiet homes of loving people who can offer foster care or adoption. I hope this truly happens. That woman cannot care for those children and should have NEVER been allowed to have them.

  2. I can’t stop reading everything about Octo, because I’m living in hope that the next thin I see will be a report that what Ellen above says has in fact happened. It is a sad world when the rights of this “mother” to conduct her circus life are put before the rights of these babies to have at least their minimal needs met.

  3. Wow — I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but I still am. I think I was hoping that Nadya wasn’t as bad as she seemed and that the media was portraying a skewed version of reality — but it looks like it’s as bad as we all feared. What a nightmare — I’m sure the people suffering most right now are her poor older children, as they’re old enough to be aware of the madness surrounding them. Poor little things. SHAME on Octomom!!!!

  4. personally i am SO sick of hearing about this beotch – on the internet, on the radio … wtf, enough is enough! seriously, the country has more important things to worry about besides this woman. how about, ummmm fixing this mess of a recession we’re in? OR hows about ending the war. yeah…

  5. Lisa, your mother and Nadya can go back and forth and back and forth, but I would like to caution them both about power struggles and the ultimate abuse that those precious children could suffer because of it.

    Like it or not, Nadya is their mother, and her decisions for those children are final.

    You may think she’s vain, she’s not the only one. But maybe it would be wise for your mother to back off so as to not cause any more suffering for those kids.

    I know you think she must be hiding something and you all need to find out what it is, but honestly, who’s business is it?

    Yes, she made a decision that most of the US doesn’t like, but she’s still entitled to call the shots in her life, and this without outside interference.

    As for the remark about expecting taxpayers to foot the bill for the babies, this is what happens when people support public officials in office who want to turn the US into a socialist nation. The taxpayers footing the bill is very socialist, and if people don’t like that, then don’t vote that way, because when the people successfully vote for socialism, then we are voting to pay for other people’s children, no questions asked.

    Please, for the sake of these children, let this family be so as to not make matters worse than they already are.

    I know how the system abuses children by placing them and not allowing them to bond with either their parents or foster parents. Children who grow up in the system are largely tossed from place to place, and this is far more damaging than leaving them in place and offering services.

    Most of us would not have made this woman’s choice, granted, but what’s done is done, and to cause more pain and suffering because we are “going to show them” only causes the children to suffer in the long run.

    I realize you have strong feelings on the matter, most of us do, but its her life and we need to back off and let her live it. We don’t have to like it or even agree with it, but for the sake of those children, if she’s at least using those programs to provide for them, that’s a good thing, that way they aren’t being neglected or starved.

    That the mother likes media attention – well, who doesn’t? Some of us feel she’s a little off the wall, but so is Michael Jackson, and he’s been accused of sex crimes against children. I don’t see anyone rushing to interfere with his family the way they are with Nadya. Do you?

  6. The most important part of this story are the children. Obviously, Suleman is playing a game in which her children and merely pawns to win attention/fame/money. So far it’s working for her but what about the children’s safety and well being? I applaud Gloria for taking a stand and doing the right thing.
    Thanks Lisa, for sharing the story.

  7. I so agree with #7 Sandra.Couldn’t have said it better.
    and Ellen#1…Couldn’t “DISAGREE” MORE. When have we become a country that just whips children away from mothers and places them in Foster care, a system that has long been broken.To pass these children around from one foster home to another would be so wrong. Sepatation of these children would also be wrong. Everyone should be getting together for the children. Be part of the solution and forget your disdain for Nadya.

  8. My grandmother had eighteen surviving children, most of which turned out perfectly fine. So what the hootenanny is your all’s problems?

    When did an individual mother’s life and her children become anyone’s business? I don’t really give a darn if they came all at once or not, it’s irrelevant.

    Why does the country at large think their opinion matters as far as a stranger’s family? I don’t see this kind of outcry when a meth-mom breeds. Or an alcho-mom. And that happens every darn day.

    Wake up.

  9. Until the cameras go away, this whole mess will continue. It will wax and wane at Nadya’s whim and how she manipulates the media. If everybody, EVERYBODY would just disappear from in front of her house, stop giving her headlines and talking constantly about this mess, she should soon have to come back to reality.

  10. i just feel sad for those kids. It is true that what’s done is done but I also think Octo-Mom is neglecting these poor little things and that is not okay. I certainly don’t have the answer but I hope someone does…

  11. CaliGal, we don’t know, we aren’t there. I don’t trust the media any further than I can throw it, I feel that they’re blowing things out of proportion.

    The bit about the nurse with TB – how is it that such a nurse is being employed in the first place? Those work through nursing agencies, and I’ve worked with the nursing pools before, so I know how they operate. That should more be on the agency than the mom, that nurse shouldn’t be allowed to practice if she’s got TB or active TB. And given the mom’s obvously low IQ, it’s possible that we can’t reasonably expect her to know about things like that.

    The dirty cameras, huh? There are worse things in a home than dirty cameras, even with newborns. And the bit about the bath, perhaps the mother felt that she hired the nurses to care for the babies, so they should be doing the job they’re being paid to do?

    As a mother, I’d do what I could to help my babies, but I know many mothers who pawn their children off on the nanny or nurse. That’s what they’re hired to do, despite the reasoning.

    It doesn’t sound like the children are being physically abused, and it doesn’t sound like their needs aren’t being met. Do they have diapers? Clothes? Food? beds? blankets? toys? a roof over their heads? attention? Sounds like they have all that and more.

    With the 3 ring circus going on, blame the press for that, not her. The media laps this up like kitties and milk, it seems that the media is contacting her, not the other way around. And even if it is the other way around, if they weren’t lapping it up they wouldn’t be there. They’re the biggest part of the chaos. And here’s this story, can’t wait to get the juicy gossip out.

    The media can be so very cruel, and I see that happening here. Even if the mother says, “stay away from me” I know they won’t do it. It’s not in the media’s nature.

    I think the media can be very destructive, and there is a danger in the games they are playing, especially with families.

    Here we have people wanting these children removed, while these children don’t appear to be in danger for their lives. She has 6 other kids – none of them abused, all well taken care of. So suddenly she can’t be a mother any more? Give me a break!

    In Colorado last year, there were 13 Children’s Protective Services related deaths. Just how much safer do you folks think foster homes are, then?

    Plus, these children are not a litter of kitties and puppies to be taken away from each other and adopted out to different homes. They were in the womb together, they have a kind of bond from that alone. And they are bonded with their mother and their siblings, and you people want to interfere with that? That could destroy these children! And when they grow up and find out the role the media played in tearing their family to shreds, how do you think that will make them feel?

    If it were you, would you want someone to break up your family because of preconceived notions or media bias?

    How can the media support politicians who push welfare programs yet turn around and holler when people make use of those programs?

    And if the woman didn’t make use of those, how they’d be screaming and hollering because she’s not making use of available programs to take care of her kids?

    So she’s negligent if she’s on welfare and negligent if she’s not. This woman can’t win no matter what she does.

    This is so ridiculous!

  12. Gloria, what you need to do NOW is to report to child services and have them take away the 8 babies. They need to be adopted by parents (two people) who will love them and take care of them and show them love. Then, child services need to remove the other 6 children and place them in foster care. Then, mom won’t receive the attention she is getting, lose the house and maybe grow up and get a job and become responsible. Just like you and me and MOST people in this world. Working hard to make their lives as best as they can. And, if we are fortunate enough to have children, our children will live in a safe, provided for (by honest working parents) and have a wonderful childhood. Mom’s babies face a horrible, damaging childhood ahead of them. Go Gloria!!!!

  13. No she doesn’t. That’s mean! Unless that mother is physically harming those babies, you all need to leave that family alone! That woman has other children that she took good care of, and how do you think this would affect them?!

    Unless those children are in danger of life or limb, and I mean literally, you all need to back the heck off and leave them alone.

    They only face a damaging childhood if they’re taken from their family and each other. They aren’t puppies and kittens, they’re humans, and people need to leave them the heck alone and mind their own durned business!

  14. PS – keeping attorney – client privilege in mind, how is it, Lisa, that your mother discussed this with you and anyone else? It’s purely unethical the attack you two are launching against this woman because of your bitterness at being fired by someone you all are badmouthing.

    I’d have fired your mother, too, who wants someone working for them that’s going to badmouth them like that?! Your mother betrayed her client, that’s a legal no-no and your mother should have known that.

    I’m sorry, Lisa, I think you’re really cool and everything, and I even think your mother is, generally, but I don’t approve of your mother’s actions in this case.

  15. Dear Lisa:

    Thank you so much for having this web-site. Also, I am TOTALLY on your mom’s (Gloria Allred) and AIW side! Thank god they were there and saw/told the truth about NATALIE DENISE DOUD. Her name is NOT Nadya Suleman! This OCTLOONEY lies about EVERYTHING! Her own lawyer today, on Dr. Phil, told the TRUTH in the fact that NATALIE “replaced” the jacuzzi WITH HER OWN MONEY! This is NOT for those kids, it is for HER! Children DON’T bathe in a jacuzzi, it was NOT made for that purpose. But, the tax payers are supposed to foot the bill (Medi-Cal)for training HER NANNIES along with all the other medical costs? Let her dip into her OWN pocket…she certainly has the money! The REASON is that there are NO DONATIONS is because of HER, I’ts NOT AIW fault and she is MAD because she HOARDS her own money and is VERY ANGRY she has to PAY HERSELF! She appreciates NOTHING and only USED Dr. Phil and his connections to get FREEBIES. She is in La La land! She also screwed with the wrong person when she bashed your mom and AIW!

    Thank god your mom and AIW will make sure those babies are cared for! Look at what she has done to her own mother? She’s ONLY stating that she plans to return to school so, she can still get student loans instead of dipping into her own pocket or ACTUALLY getting a JOB!!! Please tell your mom for me and AIW, THANK YOU for being there and telling the truth for a change! It’s only a matter of time before those poor kids are taken from her and ADOPTED, not put in foster care and tax payers in CA sre going to DEMAND she PAY HER OWN WAY-for ONCE IN HER LIFE! SHE HAS BEEN FINALLY BEEN “EXPOSED” to see the REAL Natalie and RadarOnline will be doing that VERY SOON, as they promised! SHE’S A TWO-BIT WHORE and that’s the TRUTH!


  16. I hate the pseudoname “octomom”. She has a name. I guess women who give birth to twins are “bimoms”.
    Now, about her recent shopping spree. She has obviously lost a lot of weight since giving birth, maybe she needed new clothes. My point is everything she does is blown out of proportion and presented in a negative light in the media. The normal things that people do as a part of everyday life are made to look negative because of who she is. This woman now lives her life under a magnifying glass. She is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t. Some may argue that she gave up her privacy when she did what she did, but in my opinion we all have a right to some privacy regardless. No she’s not “perfectomom” but I wonder how many of us would handle the pressure and scrutiny she is under? She impresses me as a very intelligent woman, even if a little off-the-wall. She will sort things out with time. Rome wasn’t built in a day. People should be kind and at least try to muster up some degree of understanding and compassion. That is my opinion on Nadya Suleman, the mother.

  17. I can’t believe the totally biased reporting this woman is doing. Is she actually supposed to be a journalist? I just recently joined bettyconfidential, because I thought it was a networking site for mature women. Since I’ve been here all I’ve seen is childish sniping at Suleman. I can’t believe it! It’s worse than the nastiest rag here. I sure don’t know if I’ll be around long. Yech!

  18. “Problem #1: Octo seemed far more concerned with getting her face on TV than having face time with her infants.”

    Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black? No one gets between Gloria Allred and a camera. I’m surprised that Mark Gerragos hasn’t gotten involved in this matter yet.

  19. What’s wrong with having a jacuzzi? It’s a great way to relax, and with that many kids, she’s going to need it.

    Mothers have needs too. How many of you complaining about the jacuzzi have one yourselves?

    Sometimes mothers need to meet their own needs in order to be able to meet the needs of their kids.

    How many of you complainers are parents who do everything only for your children and nothing at all for yourselves? I’ll bet none…

  20. Why does Gloria Alred have to stick her nose in everyone’s business! Octomum wanted all those babies, let her deal with her own problems like the reset of the planet! More media hungry BS!

  21. i AGREE! She’s worse than Al Sharpton, showing up on every news bit of the day and sticking her nose into everything. Octo wanted all those kids, now go deal with it!

  22. Octomom needs to be left alone to deal with her brats and the media should let her change 8 diapers a day! It may take a village, but it shouldn’t take the media and every show on the planet to follow her around like vultures! She’s loving every minute of it!

  23. I am sick of Gloria allred and you too Lisa bloom, before I knew you were her daughter, as I watched you on tv no more, when I see you and your smug faced mother I switch channels.. by the way you aren’t your mothers only child, there was one she killed, just look on the web and you will see this… how do you like this?? leave this woman and her kids alone… your mother gloria allred could care less about kids.. if she did then why isn’t she out there helping the real unfortunate kids and there are many of them.. and the angels site when you click on the link, is all about adoption, oh what a great plan, lets get these kids make money??? I will continue to pray for Nadya, as she is sweeter than you or your mother could ever think about being. and for your mom it is camera’s first, you probably got it wrong, look at that ugly smile as soon as a caqmera goes on, and it gets uglier when she yells… how do you like this MISS LISA? leave Nadya alone and find something useful to do, but then you won’t make money, thats all your mother is about.

  24. Another thing miss lisa bloom, the angels were going to bill medi-cal too, they are all a bunch of liars. how do you all live with yourselves buy trying to hurt others… this is not a god like way… well I do believe the mean get what they have coming to them…looks like your mom got hers along time ago.

  25. Actually, moee61, Sandra has every right to put forth a rebuttal to a very biased piece of writing. It is indeed called freedom of speech, something she too is also entitled to have. Just because you do not agree with her point of view in no way makes it any less valid. In future, I advise you attack her arguement, as opposed to reducing yourself down to ad hominum.

  26. I agree with LouBell. Octomom is out of control! And Gloria Alred needs to find an island and take a break from everyone’s problems so she can be in the media. It’s gross.

  27. read and watch radar online today, Nadya’s former publicist is sticking up for Nadya.. the nurses wrote a book and they wanted to get it published, which is all showing there agenda..stop gloria and the so called angels, and stop trying to ruin families.. who knows it could be you someday..I think it is so funny that Lisa Bloom says her mom said one genius is enough, is that why you read that gloria allred had an abortion, not making it up, read it on her bio and you can too, just google it.and then she acts like she is in it for the babies. give me a break. she is only in it for herself.. does any of you remember the Michael Jackson story?? look that up,. Gloria go mind your business, retire and spend time with your granchildren. we are tired of you . you should have enough money to retire on by now and you are surely old enough.I really want to hear more reports on these Angels? how perfect they have done in their lives.NOT

  28. responses to
    #1-5, 8
    im glad we are on the same page
    you are so right! this issue should not be on the top of or list, but if you feel like that why comment on something so trivial?
    #7, 9, 10
    i always try and see a story from both sides!i dont know either suleman o allred but i will tell o what i think of your responses. you are right. what suleman does is nothing we can control or should! however she is the one that has made herself so public! who doesnt want all the attention, but not at the welfare of the children. the woman has no means of being able to take care of herself with 14 children! to me, thats a big deal! she may have the help of the hospital but that wont last forever. i wold say maybe she needs time to get back on her feet and recover! however with whatever money she has received she needs to pt it towards those children! i want to be objective in my views but we all know that is impossible. id like to rely on all the facts we know so far. why would nurses and allred accuse suleman of neglecting her children for the press. i cant see why. the nurses and allred didnt get anything of it but to be fired. its obvious to me that what everyone wants is the well being of these kids. so imagine if you were allred and o had the power to change the situation; would you? YES you would!! suleman is abusing her resources, she needs as much help as possible but she at least needs to want to help herself( getting a reality check that her fame will soon be gone then she will have full and total responsibility of these kids soon.) i applaud allred and all those who put the welfare of these children FIRST!

  29. Lisa, Nadya can handle your mother. Do not worry. Remember that Nadya is a psychiatric technician with years of experience on psychiatric cases in a psychiatric facility. You just make sure your mom does not hurl a desk at Nadya, OK?

  30. i think from the tone of these messages i would not be surprised if your mother ended up getting death threats!
    those babies are growing and looking well. her older kids are like other kids. they act up for the camera, have meltdown and are picky eaters. i didn’t eat for the first 12 years of my life and i am 5’7″. maybe if i had eaten i would be 5’9″!

    i think this comment is the most damming of your mother’s behaviour.

    That the mother likes media attention – well, who doesn’t? Some of us feel she’s a little off the wall, but so is Michael Jackson, and he’s been accused of sex crimes against children. I don’t see anyone rushing to interfere with his family the way they are with Nadya. Do you?


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