Going For the Kill

Are women ready for the ultimate defense tactics?

Going For the Kill

Are women ready for the ultimate defense tactics?

-Jane Farrell

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More and more women are turning away from traditional self-defense methods and training instead to kill their attackers, according to one expert.

“Self defense simply does not work for women, they have to attack back,” says Tim Larkin, creator of Target Focus Training. Larkin says he’s seen a 40 percent increase this year in students. Classes are taught both in person and online.

An estimated 18 percent of females 12 and older are the victims of violence every year, and Larkin, who trains elite Navy SEALS as well as FBI agents, says women have to get serious about fighting back against their assailants.

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“Women have to be prepared to kill their attacker if they are going to survive,” Larkin says. “You wouldn’t wrestle with a crocodile. You would go immediately in for the kill. This is the same principle.”

“It’s politically correct to say that women can learn to defend themselves through Martial Arts. But the reality is that men are normally a lot stronger. Statistics back-up that people who survive knife attacks on the street are those that attack back rather than be on the defensive.”

TFT, says Larkin, “creates an immediate, explosive response” that includes methods such as gouging out an attacker’s eye.” Students practice with simulations of real-life possibilities: being attacked from behind on the street, for example, or in the home. (TargetFocusTraining)

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