Gossip Betty Interviews Anthony Edwards

A great interview with Anthony Edwards on George Clooney and ER

Gossip Betty

“Julianna and George had to go back to ER!”

Interview with Anthony Edwards

-Kelly Will

George Clooney and Julianna MarguliesI ran into Anthony Edwards (AKA Dr. Mark Green) at his friend, jeweler, Waris Ahluwalia’s party sponsored by Belvedere vodka and we talked about ER, being a father of four and his eternal love for New York City. Edwards has made NYC his permanent home for the last six years and just wrapped the film, Motherhood, where he stars as Uma Thurman’s husband.

“I love living and working in New York. I think we’ll be here forever – it’s the only place in the US where you know you are surrounded by people who truly want to live in New York City. You go to some towns and people are there by default. You actually have to choose to live in New York. It’s a great life – I take the kids to school every day, go for a jog in Central park and cook in the evenings!”

Anthony EdwardsHe flew back to LA late last year to film his return to ER in its final season and was thrilled to learn that Julianna Margulies and George Clooney were also signing on for the episode that aired last Thursday night. “I had heard Julianna wasn’t sure if she would return, but I hoped she would change her mind and she did. She and George were a great part of the show. I had a wonderful time going back – so many fond memories were made on the set. Being on ER was an important part of my life.”

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  1. I wish they hadn’t killed him off so he could have been more of an interactive presence in all these reunion shows. He must be mad that there was a much bigger deal made of the others’ return than of his.

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